Definition of entoproct in US English:



  • See Entoprocta

    • ‘The entoprocts have typical trochophore larvae and many feed with downstream-collecting ciliary bands.’
    • ‘It supports a number of unlikely associations - entoprocts with nemerteans, phoronid with annelids, and pogonophorans with gastropod mollusks.’
    • ‘A number of groups, such as phoronids, ectoprocts and entoprocts, bear horseshoe-shaped tentacle rings and ‘U’ shaped digestive tracts.’
    • ‘His close association of entoprocts and ectoprocts is not supported by molecular data although both groups fall within the Lophotrochozoa clade.’
    • ‘The body cavity nature varies considerably in these phyla, from complete absence of body cavity in the entoprocts and gastrotrichs to the priapulid body cavity that is actually interpreted as a true coelom by some authors.’