Definition of entombment in US English:



  • The placing of a dead body in a tomb; interment.

    ‘the entombment of the Unknown Soldier’
    • ‘The town's cemetery is packed to overflowing, and unless families can pay the requisite sum for eternal entombment, bodies are evicted after five years.’
    • ‘He was also one of the first American paleontologists to draw attention to taphonomic processes: the environments of death, decay, burial, and entombment.’
    • ‘The solution is entombment in the deep sediments of abyssal plains in the oceans that now cover 71 percent of the planet.’
    • ‘It's either that or their entombment in the glass case in a museum, heroic monuments to ‘the modern movement’ being carefully protected from too much light.’
    • ‘Their passage through the rock tunnel was quicker on the return trip for they were confident of their way and feared no pitfalls hidden in the gloomy darkness, and they were impelled by a sense of entrapment and a growing fear of entombment.’
    interment, laying to rest, burial, burying, consignment to the grave, committal, inhumation
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