Definition of entirely in US English:



  • 1Completely (often used for emphasis)

    as submodifier ‘we have an entirely different outlook’
    ‘the juries were made up entirely of men’
    • ‘The next name to appear here will hopefully belong to somebody entirely different.’
    • ‘Some only award this double score for a hand consisting entirely of red tiles or black tiles.’
    • ‘In rare cases, you may reach a situation where your hand consists entirely of wild cards.’
    • ‘I can entirely understand if the dish isn't overly popular in either of these places.’
    • ‘What the law permits and what policymakers chose to do are entirely different things.’
    • ‘Indeed, most people put trees up at home almost entirely unaided except by the odd six year old.’
    • ‘In such cases, the inequality is entirely due to differences in the bounty of nature.’
    • ‘Well, the blazing neon sign makes up for that, but the point is not entirely moot.’
    • ‘Can these singles really have been put there by two entirely different audiences?’
    • ‘Is it because it puts an entirely different slant on the rationale for the legislation?’
    • ‘A keen cook decides that he wishes to make a new and entirely different jam that people can have.’
    • ‘Both are good solutions to the same problem but aimed at entirely different people.’
    • ‘An air of depression is lingering at both clubs and for entirely different reasons.’
    • ‘It took me several weeks to thoroughly acclimatise myself to this entirely new way of life.’
    • ‘Whether he should send the team out knowing that is a different matter entirely.’
    • ‘The action takes place almost entirely in his house, and on a ruined wall overlooking a lake.’
    • ‘It should be noted that not all of the statistics that he uses are yet entirely up to date.’
    • ‘For the next month he was completely sober, focusing entirely on what was happening.’
    • ‘Josh didn't think he'd ever seen his mother dressed entirely in black up until now.’
    • ‘You stop, and it seems completely clear to you that it is entirely up to you what you do next.’
    absolutely, completely, totally, fully, wholly
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    1. 1.1 Solely.
      ‘eight coaches entirely for passenger transport’
      • ‘Not that their coach is relying entirely on good organisation to take them further still.’
      • ‘It was surprising that such a varied bill could have been supplied entirely by local talent.’
      solely, only, exclusively, purely, merely, simply, just, alone
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