Definition of enter the lists in US English:

enter the lists


  • Issue or accept a challenge.

    • ‘A long queue of prominent Republicans promptly entered the lists with pamphlets and articles.’
    • ‘The majority of those who first entered the lists did so to produce commissioned histories of individual companies.’
    • ‘In parallel with this, he had also entered the lists as an external student of London University and obtained their pass-level B.D. degree in 1912.’
    • ‘As Dan departed the Cheltenham stage that he had graced for so long, his son Arthur entered the lists.’
    • ‘By the 1820s, with the rise of agricultural fairs, the competitive atmosphere intensified as they entered the lists against each other in plowing contests.’
    • ‘Doubtless it is all standard work to you, but it will be interesting to see how the old warrior entered the lists again and what he considered should be given to his first hearers.’
    • ‘So she entered the lists to fight for the man she loved.’
    • ‘On 20 April the Assembly declared war against the Habsburg Francis II in the hopes of confining the war to a struggle between France and Austria, but Prussia entered the lists against France as well.’
    • ‘I had entered the lists of sudden love, forsaken the often plodding course of life lived between two people and pursued an elusive and illusory enthrallment.’
    • ‘It might seem foolhardy of Hough to enter the lists in such over-recorded repertoire, but the British pianist is a special kind of virtuoso, presenting, in these live tapings, a particular point of view.’