Definition of enter someone's head in English:

enter someone's head


  • see enter
    • ‘Anyway, I really don't know what prompted this post which may seem quite pointless and even jumbled as I'm just typing thoughts as they come into my head.’
    • ‘That was a lie; the idea had come into her head only a few hours before.’
    • ‘Smirking as an evil idea came into my head, I cleared my throat loudly.’
    • ‘The theory is that you write a key word in the middle of the paper and then write associated ideas and facts round about it, joining them up together when possible, and expanding on ideas that might come into your head.’
    • ‘It was just an idea that came into my head out of nowhere really, and today while I was doing some research on-line I stumbled across a course offered by the United Nations that is perfectly in line with what I am interested in.’
    • ‘As soon as you've finished writing the question, immediately write the first words that come into your head.’
    • ‘An idea for a story came into my head so I just started typing away.’
    • ‘I walked into my bedroom, with a new idea coming into my head.’
    • ‘I was just sitting at my computer one night and this idea came into my head.’
    • ‘‘Usually sitting in class a word or thought would come into my head and then I'd go home and pick up my guitar,’ he said.’