Definition of entamoeba in US English:


(also entameba)

nounPlural entamoebas, Plural entamoebae

  • An amoeba that typically lives harmlessly in the gut, though one kind can cause amoebic dysentery.

    Genus Entamoeba, phylum Rhizopoda, kingdom Protista

    • ‘The causative organism responsible for the disease is entamoeba histolytica which exists in the human colon in two forms: motile trophozoile; and non-motile cyst.’
    • ‘This is then viewed under a microscope to look for the entamoeba histolytica parasite.’
    • ‘It occurs when a person eats or swallows something that has been infected with the entamoeba histolytica parasite.’


Modern Latin, from Greek entos ‘within’ + amoeba.