Definition of enslaver in US English:



  • See enslave

    • ‘Plato remarks in the Republic that the great liberator is also the great enslaver: and this was the hard political text learned by Romantic poets through most of Coleridge's lifetime.’
    • ‘He seems at this point to affirm the religious perspective of his enslavers: He condemns himself and assumes that he is unworthy, even as he prays for divine deliverance.’
    • ‘The ‘bully’ survived all of his enslavers and turned the barren Sinai Desert into a fertile, agricultural area, not being hand in glove with anybody, as explained in the eighth stanza.’
    • ‘In November 1999, without shoes or a coat, she ran away from her enslavers.’
    • ‘The Greeks' use of the word ‘barbarian’ to refer to the aliens they enslaved is, of course, an example of the strategy of distancing slaves from the sympathy of their enslavers.’