Definition of enslavement in English:



  • The action of making someone a slave; subjugation.

    ‘the enslavement of millions of Africans’
    • ‘Only such a premise can legitimise the wholesale domination, enslavement or extermination of other peoples.’
    • ‘Confronted now with the possibility of ridding the world of a tyrant, they opt for further enslavement of his subjects.’
    • ‘Thirty years of totalitarianism reduced people's capacity to think, producing a society in love with its own enslavement.’
    • ‘No enslavement and no tyranny are as ruthless and as demanding as slavery to physical desires and passions.’
    • ‘Nine children and three women told similar stories of enslavement and brutalization, including rape.’
    subjugation, disenfranchisement, suppression, tyranny, subjection, oppression, domination, exploitation, persecution
    slavery, servitude, bondage, forced labour
    bonds, chains, fetters, shackles, restraints, yoke
    thraldom, thrall
    serfdom, vassalage, helotage, helotry, helotism
    enthralment, duress
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