Definition of enmesh in English:


Pronunciation /inˈmeSH//enˈmeSH/


[WITH OBJECT]usually be enmeshed in
  • 1 Cause to become entangled in something.

    ‘whales enmeshed in drift nets’
    • ‘The first generation was enmeshed in the struggle of making it in America, often changing their names and beliefs to fit in.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, William was enmeshed in a desperate war in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘Even when their produce is earning the country billions of dollars, their lives are enmeshed in poverty, illiteracy, and misery.’
    • ‘Vita tried to call her husband, but he was enmeshed in his own crisis.’
    • ‘When we meet Johnny Rico and his pals, they are already enmeshed in combat, and we hear little about the war on a larger scale.’
    • ‘On this basis alone they demonstrated themselves to be deeply enmeshed in a web of obligation and dependence.’
    • ‘It was like being enmeshed in a giant web - there was no way to escape the destiny that awaited this world.’
    • ‘Doing something to address one's situation or circumstances is deeply enmeshed in Western culture.’
    • ‘While he has never served at Westminster, he has been enmeshed in politics for most of his adult life.’
    • ‘I am saddened that people lost money, I am saddened that people lost jobs, I am saddened that a major company is enmeshed in a major scandal.’
    • ‘She's getting enmeshed in a tangle of lies, and Tom is certainly going to find out about it.’
    • ‘Japan is enmeshed in a familiar quandary about how to provide military support without damaging its pacifist constitution.’
    • ‘Nerve cells, like those of the brain, are enmeshed in fatty tissue.’
    • ‘But business was enmeshed in state controls - precisely the sort of thing it had hoped to avoid by helping the Fascists into power.’
    entangle, ensnare, snare, trap, entrap, ensnarl, embroil, involve, catch up, mix up, bog down, mire
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    1. 1.1 Involve (someone) in a difficult situation from which it is hard to escape.
      ‘he is enmeshed in an adulterous affair’
      • ‘There wouldn't have been any way in the world to not become enmeshed in the campaign.’
      • ‘They have since struggled to make a reappearance, as movies have become more and more enmeshed in the Hollywood discourse.’
      • ‘Adapted from an award-winning play, Closer examines the lives of four people who become enmeshed in a tawdry tale of adultery.’
      • ‘At the meeting, he finds himself enmeshed in a discussion of complaints about the paper's political coverage.’
      • ‘She says she is not like Lawrence, but we know the craft of writing has always been enmeshed in apprenticeship.’
      • ‘He often experienced the self not as infinitely removed from particulars but as hopelessly enmeshed in them.’
      • ‘They're all enmeshed in the on-going debate on how Germany should deal with the files of the former East German secret police - the Stasi.’
      • ‘The scandal is also enmeshing insurance companies selling variable annuities, policies that let investors pay their premiums to mutual funds.’
      • ‘For a second or so, there is a complete communion between us, as our respective states of contentment become momentarily enmeshed.’
      • ‘The world is hydra headed, as old as the rocks and as changing as the sea, enmeshed inextricably in its ways.’
      • ‘She was justifiably shocked to find me already enmeshed in a version of that story.’
      • ‘Mr. Bruno is enmeshed in a widening criminal investigation into his business ties to people seeking state money or actions.’
      • ‘Doing something to address one's situation or circumstances is deeply enmeshed in Western culture.’
      • ‘Remaining in the transport portfolio would, according to the PDs, leave the Tanaiste enmeshed in protracted union disputes.’
      • ‘The avowed objective was to underpin one of the favored Lebanese factions enmeshed in the multilateral disputes in the country.’
      • ‘The element of passion that gets enmeshed with the expectations on both sides needs no reiteration here.’
      • ‘In the first place, it is important to realize that faith has always come enmeshed in a cultural context.’
      • ‘All the scenes enmesh the fibres of one aspect of Liverpool life.’
      • ‘The more he struggles, the more he is enmeshed.’
      • ‘Today, the Falun Gong is deeply enmeshed in a propaganda war with Beijing.’
      entangle, ensnare, snare, trap, entrap, ensnarl, embroil, involve, catch up, mix up, bog down, mire
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