Definition of enliven in English:



  • 1Make (something) more entertaining, interesting, or appealing.

    ‘the wartime routine was enlivened by a series of concerts’
    • ‘Rather, it should enhance and enliven the occasion.’
    • ‘And as a prolific writer armed with wit, his articles enlivened the pages of the magazines.’
    • ‘It adds: ‘Well-designed restaurants and bars will also be encouraged adjacent to the public open spaces to create lively frontages and enliven the areas.’’
    • ‘They may enliven parliament to the point of making it interesting.’
    • ‘The changes only serve to enhance and enliven the original building.’
    • ‘The eye was immediately drawn to these buildings and significant lengths of the streets were enlivened by their presence.’
    • ‘They also express the weight and mass of the station's structure, which is animated and enlivened through the presence of natural light.’
    • ‘He came from a family of circus performers and enlivened meetings in which he participated.’
    • ‘Aided by digital graphics and other powerful tools, animation can enliven anything, from a movie to a music video.’
    • ‘Quotations from articles in and letters to women's magazines enhanced and enlivened the chapter on professional working women.’
    • ‘Set in a Fife factory and drawn from personal experiences, the bleak subject is enlivened with humour and wit.’
    • ‘Laughter can enliven even monotonous proceedings on the set, " she adds.’
    • ‘He is interesting when identifying personalities and providing biographical material to enliven the narrative.’
    • ‘Long escapes the scholar's temptation to be dryly academic, enlivening her book with unexpected and entertaining love stories.’
    • ‘Hopefully, this will enliven the journal and make it more interesting in the eyes of a broad military readership.’
    • ‘Entertainment workers enlivened the rally with their acts.’
    • ‘Throughout the book, the writing is enlivened with bright flashes of wit and Kent's consistently elegant use of language.’
    • ‘Heated discussions, sometimes carried on in several languages, enlivened the proceedings.’
    • ‘Proposing this debate at your next management away day should enliven proceedings.’
    • ‘The mid-afternoon sun shone down from a sky only occasionally enlivened by the odd fluffy cloud.’
    brighten up, make more interesting, make more exciting, liven up, put some spirit into, add colour to, wake up, give a boost to, give a lift to, ginger up
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    1. 1.1 Make (someone) more cheerful or animated.
      ‘the visit had clearly enlivened my mother’
      • ‘The music of Laurie Lewis will surprise you, enliven you, and cause you to reflect - just like bird songs themselves.’
      • ‘Barrie succeeded in getting his mother's attention and thus encouraged he made every effort possible to enliven her and to make her forget David.’
      • ‘She seemed to be enlivened by the condition outside, exhilarated by the motion of flying through it.’
      • ‘What enlivens us and mobilizes the will to live in each of us is profoundly unique.’
      • ‘When I feel rejuvenated, I feel enlivened, energized, connected with the world around me, and all of those qualities are ones that we notice in children.’
      • ‘Their words, she says, not only enliven her but also help jog her memory about speeches she's given during the past 15 years.’
      • ‘It seems that poetry ought to enliven us.’
      • ‘It is the prayer which enlivens and freshens up a person when hardships bog him down.’
      cheer up, brighten up, liven up, raise someone's spirits, uplift, gladden, ginger up, buoy up, make lively, wake up, waken up
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Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘restore to life, give life to’; formerly also as inliven): from 16th-century enlive, inlive (in the same sense), from en-, in- (as an intensifier) + life.