Definition of enhancement in English:



  • An increase or improvement in quality, value, or extent.

    ‘these enhancements will improve the customer experience’
    [mass noun] ‘the enhancement of civic amenities’
    • ‘They also lost enhancements to pay for working unsociable hours and weekends.’
    • ‘This money will be used to carry out further improvements and enhancement.’
    • ‘It added that the company as a whole spends £50 million each year on enhancements to its facilities across the country.’
    • ‘This programme of enhancements will improve daily experience of passengers and encourage more people to use the railway.’
    • ‘The main reasons for these enhancements are for the benefit of the people in the area and the tourists who visit the area each year.’
    improvement, intensification, magnification, amplification, increase, strengthening, inflation, augmenting, augmentation
    boost, rise, increment, lift
    escalation, elevation, exaltation, aggrandizement, swelling, heightening, emphasis, stress, reinforcement, enrichment
    jacking up, hike
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