Definition of engineering in US English:



  • 1The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

    • ‘Top universities like Harvard rely heavily on them for teaching and research in science, engineering and technology.’
    • ‘State officials are refining a plan to offer interest-free loans to students who pursue degrees in science and engineering.’
    • ‘One of the most exciting and emerging fields of engineering is aviation and aerospace.’
    • ‘Are university programs in computer science and software engineering common?’
    • ‘It was established in 1996 as a way to introduce students to science, engineering and technology.’
    • ‘Mr Dempsey said science, engineering and technology are important areas of growth in the economy, offering qualifications which are in demand with good career prospects.’
    • ‘He will study software engineering at the University of Western Australia this year.’
    • ‘It eventually aims to help 15 schools become specialists in maths and computing, technology, engineering or science.’
    • ‘The aim of the week was to show students the variety of opportunities in science, engineering and technology.’
    • ‘We are also supporting a range of initiatives to increase the number of women in the relatively highly paid sectors of science, engineering and technology, where women remain under-represented.’
    • ‘That is a challenge, but like I said, the reasons for studying physics or any branch of science or engineering are somewhat deeper than just the immediate starting salaries of your first job.’
    • ‘The key thrust will be to stimulate learner interest to follow careers in science, engineering and technology.’
    • ‘The live interaction with the crew can help students envision career possibilities resulting from studying science, technology, engineering and math.’
    • ‘Of course, the practical world deviates significantly from the ideal world, which is essentially the primary need for the field of engineering in general.’
    • ‘John wants to study environmental engineering at university but will take a year off before going.’
    • ‘Up to 150 new masters or doctoral researchers in science, engineering and technology will be funded under the scheme.’
    • ‘He completed his school education in 1918 and then studied electrical engineering at the University of Bristol.’
    • ‘I studied electrical engineering, but after university I didn't want to work as an engineer.’
    • ‘The second school of thought sees school mathematics primarily as an essential prerequisite to university courses in maths, science, engineering and technology.’
    • ‘They begin to realize the importance of math as they see its application in the field of engineering or carpentry or accounting.’
    practical, scientific, applied, applying science, non-theoretical
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    1. 1.1 The work done by, or the occupation of, an engineer.
      • ‘The conflict between unions in occupations such as engineering and shipbuilding was fierce, as were the clashes between skilled and unskilled workers.’
      • ‘Historically, Shakers most skilled in design, crafts, engineering and building have devoted thought and effort to making their creations work well.’
      • ‘Pseg will be the operations and maintenance contractor, and Alstom the engineering, construction and procurement contractor for the project.’
      • ‘Comparatively speaking, he says, the manufacturing part is easy: the engineering and infrastructure challenges are hard.’
      • ‘Similar to shoring and culverts, the value of the trench shield is in its engineering and design.’
      • ‘He enjoys walking into the half-built homes and analyzing the engineering.’
      • ‘Manufacturers understand that the new, sophisticated engineering in their machines requires skilled operators.’
      • ‘Some limited attention has started to be paid to the elimination of waste in the areas of engineering and pre-production launch.’
      • ‘Next to the pier design, perhaps the most interesting feature of the engineering and construction of the bridge is the way the road and cable-stays were placed.’
      • ‘He said all avenues had been explored regarding the siting of the overflow system but underneath Wigan Road was the only possible location due to the engineering of the existing sewer system.’
      • ‘In terms of design and engineering, the Chicago store is unique.’
      • ‘The recordings were made in Birmingham and in Berlin, and the quality of the engineering is outstanding from both locations.’
      • ‘‘I'm not equipped to debate the engineering of such a system,’ he told me.’
      • ‘At the end of the day, I walked away with a new respect for the engineering that goes into many of the products we ride.’
      • ‘Firms most successful in this market were turn-key operations that combined under one roof design, planning, engineering, and construction.’
      • ‘That's unheard of in an industry where design, engineering, and manufacturing often argue over quality problems right up until the first car rolls off the assembly line.’
      • ‘In doing so, we have discovered that when you start paying attention to the details, both the engineering and the policy issues are far more complex than you might assume.’
      • ‘Using reverse engineering, Pakistan successfully built and began operating a uranium enrichment facility.’
      • ‘The developers paid for the design and engineering of the connector and the state is paying for its construction.’
      • ‘The overall result of this blend of high technology and traditional engineering is a car endowed with top class dynamics and an agility which belies its size.’
      organization, planning, plans, management, arrangement, administration, masterminding, direction, orchestration, regimentation, coordination, execution, handling, running
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    2. 1.2 The action of working artfully to bring something about.
      ‘if not for Keegan's shrewd engineering, the election would have been lost’
      • ‘A few days later, Young did the engineering, and they sent the URL to their friends.’
      • ‘Crackers frequently use social engineering in addition to a computer to attack large corporations.’
      • ‘Indeed, his engineering has been measured, deliberate and substantial.’