Definition of endotoxin in US English:



  • A toxin that is present inside a bacterial cell and is released when the cell disintegrates. It is sometimes responsible for the characteristic symptoms of a disease, e.g., in botulism.

    Compare with exotoxin
    • ‘Once they get inside the human body, they begin producing an endotoxin.’
    • ‘This only is effective, however, if the entire surface area of the product has been cleaned properly and no bacterial endotoxins remain because the sterilization process cannot inactivate toxins.’
    • ‘It is a bacterial product containing both endotoxins and spores which are active on a variety of insects.’
    • ‘The interaction between allergens and some indoor bacterial endotoxins is a current conundrum of our immunological knowledge, therefore these results indicate that more research is needed in this area.’
    • ‘One of those suspected factors is bacterial endotoxins because they are present in oral and nasal cavities and air pollutants.’