Definition of endocarp in US English:



  • The innermost layer of the pericarp which surrounds a seed in a fruit. It may be membranous (as in apples) or woody (as in the stone of a peach or cherry).

    • ‘The seed is enclosed in a hard endocarp.’
    • ‘Surface deposits are covering materials on seed coats and are apparently derived from the endocarp.’
    • ‘The shell of the nut itself, which constitutes the endocarp, is hard, woody and brown.’
    • ‘In peach fruit, cell numbers in the endocarp appear to be fixed several weeks after full bloom.’
    • ‘The fruits usually bear two or three seeds that are covered by an endocarp that opens when the fruit pulp is removed.’
    kernel, seed, pip, pit
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Early 19th century: from endo- ‘within’ + a shortened form of pericarp.