Definition of end-around in English:



  • A play in which an end carries the ball around the opposing side of the line of scrimmage.

    • ‘What announcers call a ‘double reverse’ is usually a reverse, and what announcers call a ‘reverse’ is usually an end-around.’
    • ‘He will also get the ball on hitches and end-arounds to take advantage of his running ability.’
    • ‘Often used in motion, he also is a great on an end-around or reverse because of his ability to break tackles.’
    • ‘While you're at it, take some end-arounds and handoffs in the backfield.’
    • ‘It's also important for the offensive linemen to avoid tipping off the defense about when the real end-around is coming.’
    • ‘Not just another fancy dresser, he has developed into a dangerous deep threat and excels on end-arounds.’
    • ‘He faked the end-around, then flipped a shovel pass to White for the touchdown.’


  • Involving the transfer of a digit from one end of a register to the other.

    • ‘Otherwise, a massive amount of new code must be written to stem all individuals’ attempts to do end-arounds on the system.’