Definition of encoder in US English:



  • See encode

    • ‘The channel strips have 11 double-concentric, dual-function rotary encoders; they are touch-sensitive and control everything from input gain to dynamics parameters.’
    • ‘He said it was a ‘simple system with a simple lens’ which uses an optical encoder so that no information in images is lost.’
    • ‘This is particularly true for applications that already operate on 64-bit or 128-bit wide data, such as encryption/decryption algorithms and some video encoders.’
    • ‘Some encoders are free while others are shareware or pay-ware.’
    • ‘Each cell has an encoder and receiver to transmit, receive and respond to messages.’
    • ‘Several innovative solutions employ digital encoders capable of transmitting one or more cameras onto a single digital channel.’
    • ‘The company also offers high-resolution encoders that are incorporated directly into the motor and are capable of delivering rotary precision to sub-arc-second levels.’