Definition of emulsifiable in US English:



  • See emulsify

    • ‘To control crawling insects such as clover mites, boxelder bugs and crickets, use a wettable powder or emulsifiable concentrate liquid diluted in water and apply as a spray, or use a dust formulation to kill the pests.’
    • ‘Granular, flowable, and wettable powders are less susceptible to volatilization than emulsifiable concentrates and soluble powders.’
    • ‘Wettable powders, soluble powders and emulsifiable concentrates all can be mixed with water, but the percentage of the pesticide varies greatly.’
    • ‘When applying combinations of herbicides, add them to the tank in this order: wettable powders, flowables, water solubles, adjuvants, and emulsifiable concentrates.’
    • ‘Seed treatments come in a variety of formulations: dry flowables, liquid flowables, true liquids, emulsifiable concentrates, dusts, wettable powders and others.’