Definition of emplaster in US English:



  • Medicine. A medicinal preparation in the form of a sticky paste or salve, usually applied to the skin on a piece of linen or leather; = "plaster". Compare emplastrum. Now historical and rare.


  • with object Medicine. To apply a medicinal plaster to; to apply in the form of a plaster; to formulate as or make into a plaster. Compare "plaster". Now historical and rare.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in The Wycliffite Bible (early version). From (i) Anglo-Norman emplaster, enplastre, enplastur, enplaystre, Anglo-Norman and Middle French emplastre, emplaistre (French emplâtre) poultice, salve, plaster, (in figurative use) remedy, type of mastic used in grafting trees<br>late Middle English; earliest use found in Lanfranc's Science of Cirurgie. Partly from em- + plaster.