Definition of emotionless in English:



  • Not showing any emotion; unemotional.

    ‘her voice was flat and emotionless’
    • ‘The room was dark, but Tessa could make out his defeated expression, his eyes emotionless and hollow.’
    • ‘When a woman's voice from a car alongside him calls his name, his face is emotionless, blank, dead.’
    • ‘Her voice was flat and emotionless and Ryder wanted to kick himself for making her sound like that.’
    • ‘The e-mail I did receive was distant, emotionless, cold and generally left me feeling horrible.’
    • ‘Diengo's face then settles back into his emotionless, cold expression.’
    unemotional, unfeeling, dispassionate, passionless
    unexpressive, cool, cold, cold-blooded, impassive
    reserved, controlled, restrained, self-controlled, cool, calm, and collected, indifferent, detached, remote, aloof
    toneless, flat, dead, expressionless, bland, blank, wooden, stony, deadpan, hollow, vacant, undemonstrative, imperturbable, frigid, phlegmatic, glacial
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