Definition of Emmental in US English:


(also Emmenthal)


  • A kind of hard Swiss cheese with many holes in it, similar to Gruyère.

    • ‘Unlike Gruyère, Emmental has a dry rind free from micro-organisms.’
    • ‘It's essentially our version of a Swiss cheese called Emmental.’
    • ‘They're like Emmenthal, they're like Swiss cheese, they've got holes in.’
    • ‘A good Parmigiano Reggiano will also crumble when you bite into it, as opposed to the soft texture of an Emmental cheese.’
    • ‘Four sorts of cheese are usually used: Appeuzell, Gruyere, Emmenthal and Foutina.’
    • ‘Spoon the mixture into the centre of each potato, then top with the pancetta or bacon and the shavings of Emmenthal cheese, broken roughly to fit the potato tops.’


From German Emmentaler, from Emmental, the name of a valley in Switzerland where the cheese was originally made.