Definition of emission spectrum in English:

emission spectrum


  • A spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source.

    Compare with absorption spectrum
    • ‘First, the emission spectrum of the donor molecule must overlap with the absorbance spectrum of the acceptor.’
    • ‘This external cavity configuration allows the wavelength of the laser to be tuned across the broad emission spectrum typical of glass-host lasers by changing the prism angle.’
    • ‘In liposomes the excitation spectrum is shifted to higher wavelengths and the emission spectrum to lower wavelengths, typical of a fluorophore moving into a more hydrophobic environment.’
    • ‘The emissions are then analyzed and separated into an emission spectrum that is characteristic for each element.’
    • ‘The gain or the stimulated emission spectrum should be spectrally similar to the steady-state fluorescence spectrum and show similar solvent dependence.’
    • ‘In this way, the mean relative intensities of the emission spectra were calculated to obtain an averaged emission spectrum for each species.’
    • ‘The position of the rose bengal emission spectrum in the trypsinbound state resembles the emission spectrum of rose bengal in neat acetone.’
    • ‘It is likely that both the absorption spectrum and the emission spectrum are changed at high intensities with respect to the low-intensity spectra of DsRed recorded by conventional spectrometers.’
    • ‘The collection of wavelengths of light emitted by hydrogen gas is called the emission spectrum of hydrogen, and there is a corresponding spectrum for absorption.’
    • ‘Then, comparing the companion's infrared emission spectrum with spectra calculated from models of gas giants, they concluded that the companion is most likely two to three times as massive as Jupiter.’


emission spectrum

/əˈmiSHən ˌspektrəm/