Definition of eminently in English:



  • [often as submodifier] To a notable degree; very.

    ‘an eminently readable textbook’
    • ‘But our coverage of previous fundraising campaigns shows the target is eminently achievable.’
    • ‘The only drawback to this eminently plausible case is that there is not a scrap of evidence for it.’
    • ‘We fail to plan for the worst and then act shocked when eminently predictable crises occur.’
    • ‘The result was two highly original and eminently durable clown characters.’
    • ‘That suddenly makes the cost of repairing our fine Victorian building seem eminently reasonable.’
    • ‘The German architect and environmental expert is eminently qualified to speak on the problem.’
    • ‘Despite these shortcomings, this is an interesting and eminently readable textbook.’
    • ‘Your level of participation is up to you and scheduling is eminently flexible.’
    • ‘It was a calamitous mistake, not least because it was eminently avoidable.’
    • ‘Scott is eminently watchable, playing a convincing rogue with gusto.’
    • ‘Workplace health and safety is an eminently worthy topic, but not one that many people bother to follow closely.’
    • ‘Rule four makes it sound eminently sensible, especially as it is voluntary.’
    • ‘I am unwilling to be completely convinced by something which seems so eminently illogical.’
    • ‘This is tricky on a rainy December afternoon but eminently possible at every hour of the day throughout August.’
    • ‘My circumstances, while eminently enjoyable, are not helping my state of mind.’
    • ‘The experience offered here is a warm one, earthy and pleasurable, and eminently watchable.’
    • ‘The result is an eminently readable account that captures the spirit of those heady days.’
    • ‘That is why the most entertaining concerts during the season were also eminently forgettable.’
    • ‘All of which are eminently curable with current methods and medicines.’
    • ‘Everything about this car is classic, yet it remains eminently affordable.’
    very, most, greatly, highly, exceedingly, extremely, particularly, positively, exceptionally, supremely, remarkably, uniquely
    obviously, clearly, conspicuously, markedly, singularly, signally, outstandingly, strikingly, notably, prominently, surpassingly
    totally, completely, utterly, absolutely, thoroughly, perfectly, downright
    par excellence
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