Definition of emerita in US English:



  • postpositive (of a woman who is the former holder of an office, especially a female college professor) having retired but allowed to retain her title as an honor.

    ‘a professor emerita’
    ‘the librarian emerita of Wellesley College’
    • ‘She was awarded professor emerita status by West Virginia University after a career as an applied piano teacher and as director of the preparatory department at WVU.’
    • ‘Pacheco is professor emerita of history at George Mason University, author of The Legacy of George Mason and co-author of Three Who Dared.’
    • ‘Professor emerita of psychology at Delaware State University, Buck has been an active member of the AAUP since 1965.’
    • ‘Their teaching credentials range from visiting assistant professor to distinguished professor and professor emerita.’
    • ‘When she retired, the university named her honorary professor emerita.’
    • ‘A twenty-five-year member of the University of Delaware faculty, Gaddis is presently associate professor emerita.’
    • ‘She is professor emerita of the University of Southern California.’
    • ‘Ahrons, now professor emerita of sociology in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, decided to return to this random sampling of children 20 years later to see how children of divorces fared in adulthood.’
    • ‘Johnson retired from the military in 1983 and is currently professor emerita of nursing at George Mason University.’
    • ‘Scarr is professor of psychology emerita at the University of Virginia and spent nine years on the Board of Directors of KinderCare Learning Centers, the nation's largest child-care company.’
    • ‘Snow, an MTNA member from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is professor emerita in the Department of Music of the College of Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico.’
    • ‘The evening was made possible through the generosity of Melcer's colleague and companion Billie Ann Burrill, professor emerita and founder of the dance department.’
    • ‘She is professor emerita of English, dramatic literature, linguistics, and anthropology at Stanford University and professor at large at the Watson Institute of International Studies at Brown University.’
    • ‘She is President emerita of Spelman College and Professor emerita of Emory University from which she retired as Presidential Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Women's Studies and African American Studies.’
    • ‘But for Cole, the beloved president emerita of Spelman College, who has the helm at both Bennett College and the board of United Way of America, the enthusiasm has to be tempered.’
    • ‘She is professor of history emerita at the University of California at Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Today Lerner - emerita professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - is generally credited with founding the field of women's history.’
    • ‘Reist is associate professor emerita, School of Music, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.’
    • ‘Sperry was given the title associate professor emerita at Berkeley and, four years after winning her case, she was awarded two years back pay for the period during which she had been deprived of her teaching position.’
    • ‘Schlundt also worked with the California Dance Educators Association and the Congress on Research in Dance, and was a professor emerita at the University of California-Riverside.’