Definition of emerg in US English:



  • ‘she's at emerg with a broken nose’
    short for emergency room
    • ‘Our ICU folk, our critical care folk, even Emerg folk are very much on the lookout for severe respiratory illnesses right now.’
    • ‘Urgent care clinics did not reduce emerg backlogs.’
    • ‘I tried the after hours emerg.’
    • ‘She fell down at work while carrying a stack of plates – she's at emerg with a gash in her forehead.’
    • ‘The last time I ate there was in the 90s and I spent the next day in emerg.’
    • ‘Melissa was there too, but the idea of entertaining four kids in emerg scared me more than blood.’
    • ‘When I have chemo or a night in emerg with a 39.6 fever, the kids go to their dad's house.’
    • ‘Child's got an ear ache and you don't want to wait 8 hours in emerg.’
    • ‘As a police officer I would rather come home to my family safe, than end up injured and being transported to an emerg room or morgue.’
    • ‘Dr. Marc Francis (who is working Emerg overnight) has had several major traumas, including a guy who drove his motorcycle head-on into a truck.’