Definition of emcee in US English:



  • A master of ceremonies.

    • ‘After the drivers were introduced by a traveling emcee called ‘The Motor Mouth,’ an invocation and the national anthem, cars left at one-minute intervals to cheers from the crowd.’
    • ‘I found the show very entertaining, a great combination of physical strength, endurance, slapstick, and witty repartee between the lumberjacks and the emcee.’
    • ‘Lewis was replaced as host by Dennis James, who was even worse, and other emcees were tried.’
    • ‘Bill Irwin is a masterful comedian, a world-class mime, and a witty emcee.’
    • ‘It was a big to-do in San Francisco's opera house back then, with Sam Donaldson and Alan Cumming as emcees… but it was also the dying days of the dotcom exuberance.’
    • ‘It was a great evening - the comedians were hilarious (Scott Falconbridge was the emcee, Dana Alexander was one comedian, and Mike Dambra was the headliner).’
    • ‘As an emcee, you'll make maybe $250 a week, with features making $400 - $500 and headliners around $1000.’
    • ‘Television personality Star Jones served as emcee for the evening.’
    • ‘Lana arrives downstairs just as the emcee introduces Dr. Yolanda Jones.’
    • ‘There will be an emcee to conduct quizzes and give away prizes and freebies.’
    • ‘Pre-game festivities will include a special guest emcee doing player introductions.’
    • ‘The emcees asked the classic is-there-a-doctor-in-the-house question, and four popped up to give aid.’
    • ‘After a short stint as an emcee of ‘Earn Your Vacation,’ Carson got his own half-hour comedy show, called ‘The Johnny Carson Show.’’
    • ‘I am one with the crowd and my years as an emcee stand me in good stead.’
    • ‘When an emcee is on stage, some people say its not theater.’
    • ‘Well, that's what we're trying to prevent here’ said the emcee, explaining the need for security measures at a recent preview screening of Johnny English.’
    • ‘The emcee, a university official, casually noted in her introduction that the school ‘will proceed with its affirmative action policies no matter what the Supreme Court does.’’
    • ‘After the obnoxious announcer, who clearly wished he had been bestowed with the honour of actually being counted as a storyteller and not simply the emcee, I was not in a mood most receptive to storytelling.’
    • ‘The emcees kept the flow going by introducing each item with a brief description.’


[with object]informal
  • Perform the role of a master of ceremonies at (a public entertainment or a large social occasion).

    • ‘Perhaps someday Tony will step into his father's shoes to emcee city events in the English language?’
    • ‘He was also instrumental in getting always-vocal Shawn Ray to emcee the contest.’
    • ‘We went - at two inaugurals, his first inaugural I emceed an event at the Lincoln Memorial.’
    • ‘I emcee things at Carefree all the time but it was so different to emcee a festival.’
    • ‘Main Events' Carl Moretti emceed the event as all six major combatants and their trainers were brought up one at a time to give their insight to Saturdays Mega-Card.’
    • ‘And Robbins, who emceed the event, says everyone who is able to help should do what they can.’
    • ‘Sunday I emcee another concert at Orchestra Hall, and I will put on the black uniform as usual.’
    • ‘Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw will emcee the event.’
    • ‘I emceed the dinner for Rudi Giuliani the other night, and the crowd is just enormously buoyed and up.’
    • ‘Sunday night I have to emcee a concert at Orchestra Hall, which is fun, in a terrifying sort of way; nothing I do quite equals the paralyzing moment of walking on stage and seeing that vast auditorium filled to the rafters.’
    • ‘This festival of performance is emceed by Joe Giamalva, a director, dancer and choreographer, and is host to more than seventeen studios.’
    • ‘CBC radio announcer Katherine Duncan will emcee the event, which is put on by the the Book Publishers Association and the Writers Guild of Alberta.’
    • ‘Deco Drive's colorful Daisy Deadpetals will emcee the fashion event.’
    • ‘Diamond Dave ably emceed the party and entertained all throughout.’
    • ‘Just a bit after 400 PM, the speakers began, and the ceremony was emceed by Gil Mallory, President of Amtrak West.’
    • ‘Recently, I emceed a performance by eleven New England dance schools who shared their talents to raise money for the The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.’
    • ‘Seymour, a painter herself, helped emcee the event and donated a canvas - a floral still life, which fetched $5,000 in the evening's benefit auction.’
    • ‘Cary Grant and I emceed this Victory Caravan.’
    • ‘Afterwards, it was all back to Shenanigans for the superb Carvery and Happy Hour, and the prize giving ceremony emceed by Shenanigans tournament director Mike Franklin.’
    • ‘The promoter of the contest, NPC Maryland district chairman Todd Swinney, brought in Shawn Ray to emcee the event.’
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1930s (originally US): representing a pronunciation of MC.