Definition of embayment in US English:



  • A recess in a coastline forming a bay.

    ‘the embayments that dent the southern Peloponnesian coasts’
    • ‘The leopard shark forages in the kelp forest, in the surf zone, and in shallow embayments and estuaries.’
    • ‘Longshore drift transported sediment from this eroding rocky coastline to these embayments following the culmination of the post-glacial marine transgression some 7 ka ago.’
    • ‘Such shelter may be found in estuaries, in embayments, and on sections of open coast which are protected by wide intertidal flats and barrier complexes.’
    • ‘Although often described as a benthic or epiphytic species, A. carterae also thrives in the plankton of coastal embayments and estuaries, possibly connected with a diurnal vertical migration.’
    • ‘Presque Isle Bay is a small embayment (505 ha, Pyron et al. 2001) on the eastern shore of Lake Erie.’
    • ‘Temperate carbonates were deposited in the Carboneras Basin, a small embayment of the Mediterranean Sea, during the early Pliocene.’
    • ‘Spatial-temporal variability in surface layer deepening and lateral advection in an embayment of Lake Victoria, East Africa’
    • ‘H. ampullatus is most commonly found in waters at least 1000m deep and often forages at or near the north atlantic ice shelf in sheltered embayments during the spring and summer.’
    • ‘Both are large, shallow embayments that are contaminated by direct discharges from mercury-cell chlor-alkali plants and dominated by rapid tidal flushing.’
    • ‘The large tidal prism saves the estuarine complex, and particularly the embayment, from destructive domestic enrichment and allows the re-distribution of land derived sediments during river and stream floods.’
    • ‘The Dezful embayment was a sedimentary basin with pronounced subsidence where thick late Eocene-Recent deposits were formed.’
    • ‘The lack of flexibility and diversity inherent in the city's one-industry economy directly impacted the economy of the city and indirectly the ecology of local embayments.’
    • ‘Because less dense water tends to be shallower, this will tend to move sinking plankton and sediment toward the crest of banks, toward the coast, and up embayments, even in the absence of any mean currents.’
    • ‘Along the California coast, several embayments exist where either Batillaria or Cerithidea dominates, but few sites exist where both species are in high abundance.’
    • ‘Tomato clownfish are known to inhabit lagoon reefs, particularly with embayments.’
    • ‘During the Late Silurian and Early Devonian, the Royal Creek area lay at the margin of a deep-water embayment.’