Definition of elucidation in English:



  • Explanation that makes something clear; clarification.

    ‘work that led to the elucidation of the structure of proteins’
    • ‘The script, moreover, while restoring some of the gloss to the Hughes story, leans more to spectacle than elucidation where his affliction is concerned.’
    • ‘One would prefer the elucidation of some ground-rules.’
    • ‘And it seemed to me at the time to be the most brilliant elucidation of how people become trapped in the ruts of their romantic history.’
    • ‘But Joyce is a naturally elucidating rather than a naturally metaphorizing writer, and in his elucidations the balance between what is included and what is excluded is almost always upset.’
    • ‘The book begins with sharp social commentary, elucidation of concepts, and critiques of research methods typically used in the field.’
    explanation, clarification, illumination
    commentary, interpretation, explication, gloss, annotation, account, report, setting out, exegesis
    comment, exposition
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