Definition of elimination in US English:



  • 1The complete removal or destruction of something.

    ‘the elimination of extreme poverty is a key objective’
    ‘a global commitment to the elimination of nuclear weapons’
    • ‘The story of the elimination of smallpox is in itself an exhilarating one.’
    • ‘These inspectors will render an accounting of all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs and will help oversee their elimination.’
    • ‘Having neither money nor prestige, traditional practitioners feared eventual elimination.’
    • ‘The present district labour court system is fated to undergo a phasing out process and eventual total elimination.’
    • ‘For a brief time sociology seemed to face wholesale elimination.’
    • ‘The California Arts Council is a state government agency, which was slated for elimination by the government in 2003.’
    • ‘The model is used to estimate the impact of U.S. tariff elimination on U.S. production, prices, and imports.’
    • ‘Green projects have included litter elimination, waste reduction, recycling, healthy eating, and school garden development.’
    • ‘The cuts make job elimination less likely.’
    • ‘The results indicate that tariff elimination would have little effect on orange production in Sao Paulo.’
    1. 1.1 The exclusion of someone or something from consideration or further participation.
      ‘a 1-1 draw confirmed their elimination from the tournament’
      as modifier ‘after the initial elimination rounds, 16 boys qualified for the final’
      • ‘Conservative members of parliament will decide on a shortlist of two candidates through a process of elimination.’
      • ‘The management must take responsibility for the team's possible elimination from the knockout stages of the League.’
      • ‘The winners of the National League Two elimination play-off will go through to the Grand Final next Sunday.’
      • ‘Before they've come off second best because they've had to travel to Port Elizabeth and then face elimination due to lack of audience support.’
      • ‘Later on in the week we'll give you the latest betting odds for the next X Factor elimination.’
      • ‘Defending champions San Antonio Spurs are one game away from elimination after falling 101-94 at Phoenix Suns.’
      • ‘This activity can also be played as an elimination game.’
      • ‘Christy secured votes all over the electoral area and was only 46 behind O'Malley at the time of his elimination.’
      • ‘The elimination final started on tenterhooks for both sides as the scoring was slow and the passages of play at times cumbersome.’
      • ‘This is a knockout competition with winners going forward in a series of elimination matches to find an eventual winner.’
  • 2The expulsion of waste matter from the body.

    ‘the treatment promotes the elimination of toxins’
    • ‘As well as aid the elimination process, specific cleansing herbs help to quickly break down the intestinal and mucoid matter, so they are removed from your system.’
    • ‘Arsenic is distributed and stored in all tissues of the body and is metabolized for elimination by two sequential processes.’
    • ‘GHB has a rapid elimination, and the drug is cleared within four to six hours after ingestion, regardless of the dose.’
    • ‘Her menstrual cycle, digestion, elimination, and sleep were normal.’
    • ‘The kidney eliminates bromide with an elimination half-life of 11-12 days.’
    • ‘Cayenne pepper increases fluid elimination and sweat production.’
    • ‘Ayurveda emphasizes a balance of both elimination and detoxification.’
    • ‘Raisins aid digestion and elimination when they are soaked in water overnight.’
    • ‘Eating dishes cooked with a variety of spices and herbs helps the process of digestion - absorption, assimilation and elimination.’
    • ‘Bile secretion also inhibits the production of cholesterol and speeds its elimination from your body.’
  • 3Mathematics
    The removal of a variable from an equation, typically by substituting another which is shown by another equation to be equivalent.

    ‘Bezout's method of elimination’
    • ‘This work contained the first known method of elimination and Fermat wanted it published.’
    • ‘Although the Jordan normal form is named after him, the Gauss Jordan pivoting elimination method for solving the matrix equation Ax = b is not.’
    • ‘Gauss gave a systematic method for solving such equations which is precisely Gaussian elimination on the coefficient matrix.’
    • ‘He developed Kronecker's polynomial ideals and presented many results on discriminants of forms, elimination theory and Diophantine problems.’
    • ‘His most important contributions were methods of elimination to produce from a set of simultaneous equations, a single resultant equation in one of the unknowns.’
  • 4Chemistry
    The generation of a simple substance as a product in the course of a reaction involving larger molecules.

    ‘a condensation reaction can link together two monosaccharide sugars to form a disaccharide with the elimination of water’
    • ‘Several kinds of mutation may stabilize a protein, among them there is elimination of free sulfhydryl groups.’
    • ‘HYP was present in all tissues and these results indicate that the elimination rate of HYP was slower in tumor tissue than any of the other tissues.’
    • ‘Ciprofloxacin treatment is considered as a safe and effective method for elimination of cell culture mycoplasmas.’
    • ‘The deleterious effects of the free radicals are kept under check by a delicate balance between the rate of their production and elimination by the different antioxidant systems.’
    • ‘Because of the participation of a-ketoglutarate in numerous transaminations, glutamate is a prominent intermediate in nitrogen elimination as well as in anabolic pathways.’