Definition of eleventh in US English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number eleven in a sequence; 11th.

    ‘the eleventh century’
    ‘February the eleventh’
    ‘the eleventh fairway of a tiny golf course’
    • ‘The main attraction is the eleventh century Saint Sophia Cathedral, the city's oldest standing church, which contains some of the country's greatest mosaics and frescoes.’
    • ‘Lincoln cathedral is one of the most perfect Gothic cathedrals in Europe, dating back officially to the eleventh century and like as not a fair way before that.’
    • ‘Rathdowney / Errill shot their eleventh wide before two quick long range efforts from Liam Tynan had the large crowd in raptures ten minutes into the half.’
    • ‘This one comes our way on the eleventh of October.’
    • ‘What's a bit more interesting is that after the first eviction in two weeks time an eleventh house member will be added as voted for by the great unwashed.’
    • ‘As a non-finisher in the event that determines grid placings, Griffiths should have left last for Finke, but was offered a start among the six bikes leaving the grid in the eleventh to sixteenth placings.’
    • ‘Investors waited for the US Federal Reserve's interest rates call this evening, where it is expected to cut them for the eleventh time this year.’
    • ‘By the time Democrats went to the polls in Tennessee and Virginia to give Kerry his eleventh and twelfth wins of fourteen contests so far, they were voting for a man polls showed to be leading Bush.’
    • ‘That said, the Federal Reserve has just cut US interest rates for the eleventh time this year.’
    • ‘French is the eleventh most widely spoken language in the world, English the third.’
    • ‘In fact, it is probably true to say that women in the Middle Ages, especially after about the eleventh century and up to the fifteenth, enjoyed a level of relative freedom not equalled until the twentieth.’
    • ‘The execution is only the eleventh since reinstatement of the death penalty by California in 1992.’
    • ‘Having held Grange to 177-9, Prestwick looked in some trouble as they slumped to 18-2 in their eleventh over.’
    • ‘Des Murphy's goal in the eleventh minute was the score that mattered in the end.’
    • ‘The appearance of a wage-earning class and the masculinization of the textile workforce during the eleventh century certainly constituted a crucial element in this transformation.’
    • ‘The eleventh will probably be Welshman Phillip Price, leaving Torrance having to decide between Jose Maria Olazabal and Jesper Parnevik for the twelfth, and remaining, place.’
    • ‘This will be the eleventh such gay event and, really, I don't know how I managed to miss the previous 10.’
    • ‘It wasn't as if Martinez was unaccustomed to physical labor: She grew up in Fresno, the eleventh of twenty-two children of farmworker parents.’
    • ‘For Fred Eastham, age poses no barrier as it will be his eleventh marathon since 1984-and he will be joined in the race on April 13 by his 29-year-old son, John.’
    • ‘Apart from the customs service, the finance ministry also oversees the tax service, which is named as the eleventh most corrupt institution in TII's list.’
    1. 1.1an eleventh/one eleventh Each of eleven equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
    2. 1.2 The eleventh grade of a school.
    3. 1.3Music An interval or chord spanning an octave plus a fourth in the diatonic scale, or a note separated from another by this interval.


  • the eleventh hour

    • The latest possible moment.

      ‘he refused to take a public stand until the eleventh hour of the campaign’
      • ‘He seriously considered an offer to move to South Australia but conceded at the eleventh hour of negotiations that the idea of not being part of a major Tasmanian success would be just too hard to take.’
      • ‘Even if, like Harold Wilson in 1974-76, he had already decided to step down, he would be ill-advised to announce this before the eleventh hour.’
      • ‘An actor had to drop out of rehearsals for the theatre's next production, the psychological thriller, Your Turn To Clean The Stair, and at the eleventh hour, Mike was drafted in.’
      • ‘Plans by Antler Homes to build eight flats and 14 town houses on land near the York to Scarborough railway line at the rear of Calf Close, in Haxby, were withdrawn at the eleventh hour.’
      • ‘Meanwhile the work-to-rule by ward clerks which was due to begin at University College Hospital Galway yesterday morning was suspended at the eleventh hour.’
      • ‘Twelve months ago, theatregoers were denied the delights of Oriel quad's annual allotment of classic drama when Marlowe's Edward II was shelved at the eleventh hour.’
      • ‘He added that the gala committee had been greatly assisted by the Old White Bear public house, which stepped in at the eleventh hour to provide refreshments, and the Brownies who cleared the tables.’
      • ‘Having failed with Fabiano, last month they were on the verge of capturing Argentine starlet Fernando Cavenaghi only to see the deal hijacked at the eleventh hour by rivals Spartak Moscow.’
      • ‘Perhaps people taking this lull in the movement of the hurricane to come in and try and find gasoline at this, the eleventh hour of these mandatory evacuations.’
      • ‘If one of the Top 10 gets victory in the Big Race, they will be rewarded with extra points, possibly clinching the £557,250 prize at the eleventh hour.’