Definition of elephant grass in US English:

elephant grass


  • A tall robust tropical African grass which is used for fodder and paper.

    Pennisetum purpureum, family Gramineae

    Also called napier grass
    • ‘Its output will be equivalent to the power needs of 2,000 homes, and hundreds of farmers in the surrounding area will be asked to switch land from arable crops to elephant grass.’
    • ‘The grave sites may be overgrown with tall, dry elephant grass, which is burned away, creating an Armageddon-like atmosphere.’
    • ‘Power can also be generated from biomass energy crops such as fast-growing willow, poplar and elephant grass planted as an alternative to food crops.’
    • ‘Though the bristling tall elephant grass had virtually turned the playing field into a jungle, the weather was just right.’
    • ‘The exhibition includes a South African ficus, a tamarind with pods, elephant grass from Africa, cherry, bougainvillaea, fig, Accacia and trees collected from forests.’


elephant grass

/ˈɛləfənt ɡræs/