Definition of electrotype in English:



[WITH OBJECT]often as noun electrotyping
  • Make a copy of (something) by the electrolytic deposition of copper on a mold.

    • ‘Electrotyping is an application of the art of electroplating to typography, used for making duplicate plates for relief printing.’
    • ‘Standing newspaper matter may be stereotyped -- unless it contains cuts, when it should be electrotyped -- but should be cast on metal base to avoid shrinking and swelling.’


  • A copy made by electrotyping.

    • ‘Circulars, flyers, bill-heads, letter heads, cards, and labels may be either electrotyped or stereotyped on wood base, the electrotype being the more durable, and especially desirable where fancy type or ornaments are used.’
    • ‘While the detail of an electrotype can be excellent, the edge will usually give it away.’