Definition of electronic tagging in US English:

electronic tagging


  • The attaching of electronic markers to people or goods for monitoring purposes, e.g. to track offenders under house arrest or to deter shoplifters.

    ‘the electronic tagging of remand prisoners has seen a sharp rise’
    as modifier ‘electronic tagging equipment’
    • ‘He wasted no time in adding his distinctive scrawl to 10 orders condemning men whom the government insist represent a clear threat to national security to stringent new controls including house arrest and electronic tagging.’
    • ‘Their report discloses that private security staff are to monitor the day-to-day surveillance of the terror suspects through electronic tagging.’
    • ‘Senior Scottish police officers have warned the Scottish Executive against expanding the use of electronic tagging to habitual criminals.’
    • ‘If these measures are enacted, then anyone suspected of being involved in terrorism could be subject to house arrest, curfew or electronic tagging.’
    • ‘Automatic telephone tapping, voice recognition, and electronic tagging increase the police force's power and reliability.’
    • ‘Bradford companies are being invited to explore the huge possibilities offered by electronic tagging technology which was originally developed to monitor criminals and track stolen cars.’
    • ‘One option could include electronic tagging of people at risk.’
    • ‘Having served two months or so he was then released under the provisions of electronic tagging.’
    • ‘The measures include restrictions such as house arrest, curfews and electronic tagging, a ban on telephone and internet use and restrictions on who they can speak to.’
    • ‘These can range from house arrest to electronic tagging, prohibitions from meeting certain individuals, restrictions on travel and bans on using telephones or the Internet.’
    • ‘Forces will have greater powers to monitor the worst criminals in their areas via electronic tagging and satellite tracking.’
    • ‘Under the scheme the probation service will work closely with police, courts and private security firms to monitor offenders through the electronic tagging devices and daily curfews.’
    • ‘So, there's been unanimous agreement to give state police the power to detain people for up to 14 days and to subject other suspects to control orders like electronic tagging or home detention.’
    • ‘He suggested reducing the custodial remand population by using a combination of electronic tagging and regular reporting to police.’
    • ‘Once again the issue of using electronic tagging to safeguard older people who wander has attracted media attention.’
    • ‘I propose that electronic tagging be introduced for sex offenders on release, ‘said Mr Griffin.’’
    • ‘The government is putting forward electronic tagging as an alternative to detention for those unable to offer suitable sureties in immigration control cases.’
    • ‘The orders would impose one or more of a range of restraints on the suspect including house arrest, electronic tagging, a ban on the use of telephones and e-mail and restrictions on who they associate with.’


electronic tagging