Definition of electronic publishing in US English:

electronic publishing


  • The occupation, business, or activity of preparing and issuing books and other written material electronically rather than on paper.

    • ‘This information could be tracked if there were sufficient space in the publication, which is generally not an issue in electronic publishing.’
    • ‘Journal publishing houses are launching electronic publishing formats that can display colour 3D diagrams and animations along with hyperlinked images and text.’
    • ‘Most publishers - in the U.S. at least - envision electronic publishing and e-books important to their future.’
    • ‘Without a contract specifying both paper and electronic publishing, an author could have two contracts for the same book.’
    • ‘Besides covering the business of publishing, he also reports on electronic publishing and runs the comics department.’
    • ‘This could set a precedent for authors receiving payment from their publishing company for both the print and electronic publishing of their work.’
    • ‘The Principal had to take the drastic measure of closing down a professional diploma in electronic publishing when the course leader was lured away by the private sector.’
    • ‘So does he think that electronic publishing is the future for books?’
    • ‘They offer unrivalled investment in journalism and are actively involved in electronic publishing.’
    • ‘Yet that same openness and anti-capitalist collectivism also mean the creation of a participatory vitality, one where simplified tools for electronic publishing generate new expression and audiences.’
    • ‘Her research interests include distributed publishing systems, electronic publishing, and information technology in journalism.’
    • ‘As time goes on, electronic publishing in general will become more and more important, and this is a giant step in that direction.’
    • ‘It operates in newspapers, magazines, local radio / TV, electronic publishing, and direct marketing.’
    • ‘My memory of that book is often kindled when I think of the issues that we face with electronic publishing and on-line teaching.’
    • ‘The voluntary agreement has worked well but the desire for statutory support has reflected a concern that ‘the early history and development of the UK electronic publishing industry is not lost’.’
    • ‘Our investments in the Internet, electronic publishing and radio give us a broad and successful commercial base.’
    • ‘The use of an electronic means of distribution meant acquiring then costly computers and other equipment to scan paper versions of legal documents to prepare them for electronic publishing.’


electronic publishing