Definition of electric eye in US English:

electric eye


  • A photoelectric cell operating a relay when the beam of light illuminating it is obscured.

    • ‘Most of today's bowlers take the electric eye or computerized foul detectors for granted.’
    • ‘House sparrows living inside an airport in New Zealand discovered that if they flew in front of the electric eye, the doors would open.’
    • ‘I lead him across the open field, partly to clean the mud from my paws in the new spring grass and partly to lead him past the electric eye that triggers the camera.’
    • ‘And just as door and window alarms are more effective when combined with motion sensors and electric eyes, these systems are more effective when combined with other network sensors.’
    • ‘Tierney is uncertain why he is in New York, but admits that he is somehow drawn to ‘this world of moving staircases, electric eyes, efficient loud-speakers, like a moth to the bright light’.’
    • ‘He might successfully bypass a door lock, or sneak in through a second-story window, but he doesn't know that there is a pressure plate under this particular rug, or an electric eye across this particular doorway.’
    • ‘He holds back the remote and as its electric eye falls upon his face the snow clears and an image appears on the screen: an extreme close up detail of his own face.’
    • ‘The makers also put in a clever electric eye at the top of that ride.’
    • ‘Clean electric eye population monitors as often as necessary, depending on environmental conditions.’


electric eye

/əˌlektrik ˈī/