Definition of electoral vote in US English:

electoral vote


  • 1A vote cast by a member of the electoral college.

    ‘collectively, these three states account for 39 electoral votes’
    • ‘Earlier this year, he wrote: "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."’
    • ‘Every US state, and the District of Columbia, is allotted electoral votes proportional to its population.’
    • ‘This means that all electoral votes in a state go to the candidate with the plurality of the popular vote within that state.’
    • ‘If a candidate wins by a single vote in a state, he or she is awarded 100 percent of its electoral vote.’
    • ‘Those five states control a quarter of the electoral votes needed to win the Presidency.’
    • ‘Under the Constitution, each state's electoral votes equal the number of its representatives in Congress plus its two senators.’
    • ‘A candidate must win 270 electoral votes to win the election.’
    • ‘The race ended in a deadlock, resolved only after a congressionally created commission delivered the presidency to Hayes by a single, disputed electoral vote.’
    • ‘Whichever candidate wins the state will garner 27 electoral votes, 10 per cent of the total required to win the White House.’
    • ‘Your state is the furthest thing from swing and its electoral votes are spoken for.’
    • ‘Most of the big manufacturing states are also major sources of electoral votes.’
    • ‘One in eight Americans is a Californian, and California represents one-fifth of the electoral votes one needs to become president.’
    • ‘Lincoln won a majority of electoral votes (180 of 303) but only gained 39% of the popular vote.’
    • ‘Whoever wins the state will receive a crucial ten electoral votes.’
    • ‘With Florida's 27 electoral votes up for grabs, both sides are pulling out all the stops.’
    • ‘The Spencer forces had delivered Alabama's electoral votes to Grant, and they now expected his help.’
    • ‘There's such polarization that the real fight is going to be over those 70 key electoral votes in states that I think right now are up for grabs.’
    • ‘There are a total of 538 electoral votes.’
    1. 1.1the electoral vote The choice expressed collectively by the electoral college, which determines the winner of elections for president and vice president in the US.
      ‘I'm following the polls from battleground states, which will determine the electoral vote’
      • ‘Do you think that if we eliminated the electoral vote and changed to a popular-vote system that more parties could be heard and more candidates would have a chance to be heard?’
      • ‘This is their estimate of the electoral vote tomorrow in the election.’
      • ‘It's the electoral vote that matters.’
      • ‘Why not simply abolish the individual elector while retaining the electoral vote and the unit rule?’
      • ‘We may well be facing a situation, as we did in 2000, where the popular vote and the electoral vote produce different results.’
      • ‘"I think it's time we drop the electoral vote for president in favor of the popular vote."’
      • ‘In the United States, presidential elections are not won by securing the largest share of the popular vote but by obtaining a majority of the electoral vote.’
      • ‘Quite a few websites have sprouted up that attempt to track the electoral vote.’
      • ‘Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and the electoral vote, but not a majority.’
      • ‘He is ahead in the electoral vote.’
      • ‘First, the electoral vote tends to magnify the margin of victory between candidates, providing a clarity and certainty that popular vote totals cannot.’
      • ‘Another part of me kinda hopes that one guy wins the electoral vote and the other guy wins the popular.’
      • ‘Although the popular vote is important, the electoral vote is what legitimizes our presidential elections.’
      • ‘There are many ways the electoral vote could end up in a tie.’
      • ‘Who knows how much they're separated in the electoral vote?’