Definition of ejectment in US English:



  • 1The action or process of evicting a tenant from property.

    ‘the landlord shall serve a writ in ejectment’
    • ‘The true test whether a rightful owner has been dispossessed or not is whether ejectment will lie at his suit against some other person.’
    • ‘When and where agents obtained civil-bill decrees and writs of ejectment in the county courts, thereby forcing the tenants to bear some of the legal costs, League organizers had a much easier time recruiting new members.’
    • ‘The lower courts, he stated, are also continuing with the hearing of ejectment suits filed by various landlords.’
    • ‘We would seek ejectment because the people wouldn't have clear title to the land.’
    • ‘Lord Ashbrook dug his heels in and threatened to unleash a shower of ejectment writs if his tenants did not pay the full amount promptly - a threat that evidently proved effective.’
    • ‘There were several public meetings, a court case, a supreme court hearing and writs of ejectment, but Forsyth refused to go.’
    • ‘Attacks on process servers grew so serious that more than one county-court judge allowed them to post their ejectment writs in the nearest town or marketplace instead of having to enter what had become a virtual combat zone.’
    1. 1.1 The action or process in which a person evicted from property seeks to recover possession and damages.
      • ‘Is it significant that it may be a form of summary remedy or an ordinary action of ejectment?’
      • ‘An action for mesne profits, unlike ejectment, allows the claimant to claim damages for his loss during the period that he has been dispossessed.’
      • ‘Certainly, if you bring an action in ejectment, if you have a right to possession of the property, you certainly can do that.’