Definition of eject in English:



  • 1Force or throw (something) out, typically in a violent or sudden way.

    ‘many types of rock are ejected from volcanoes as solid, fragmentary material’
    • ‘An 18-foot portion of the roof of the cabin ripped off, and a flight attendant standing in the aisle was ejected from the plane.’
    • ‘To escape from Venus or the Earth, matter must be ejected at a velocity of at least seven miles a second; on Mars, three miles a second will suffice.’
    • ‘I simply become easily disoriented and off-balance and violently eject myself from bed onto the floor.’
    • ‘I'll just have to make sure I wear extra thick trousers so I don't suffer friction burns as I'm ejected from the car half way round.’
    • ‘He said: ‘As the plane taxied along the remotest part of the runway, the six suitcases were ejected from the hatch in the belly of the aeroplane on to the tarmac.’’
    • ‘Do this so you are not ejected from the vehicle in an accident.’
    • ‘Two of the occupants were ejected from the car upon impact, Somerville said.’
    • ‘Ice and dust debris will be ejected from the crater revealing the material beneath.’
    • ‘The force of the impact bucked the car's chassis and the engine was ejected from the vehicle.’
    • ‘She turned sharply off the road, nearly ejecting herself from the back of the horse.’
    • ‘The molten rock would have been ejected, and then would have fallen back to earth.’
    • ‘‘The driver and a backseat passenger of the car were not thought to be wearing seatbelts, and one of the occupants was ejected from the vehicle,’.’
    • ‘The obvious conclusion is that the layer of debris ejected by the impact draws the line of extinction for the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of this phase, the inactive or dead hair is ejected from the skin, leaving a solid, hard, white nodule at its proximal shaft.’
    • ‘He was ejected from the vehicle and the vehicle rolled over him.’
    • ‘Drivers and passengers who are ejected from the vehicle have a high mortality rate.’
    • ‘When an obnoxious youth was vigorously ejected from the swing doors of the saloon to sprawl in the snow, the scene was complete.’
    • ‘During the encounter, one is thrown into the eccentric orbit and remains in the Solar System while the other is ejected into interstellar space where it wanders forever.’
    • ‘People were physically ejected out of their chair.’
    emit, spew out, pour out, discharge, give off, give out, send out, belch, vent
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    1. 1.1 Cause (something) to drop out or be removed, usually mechanically.
      ‘he ejected the spent cartridge’
      • ‘Spent casings were ejected cleanly and unmarred.’
      • ‘The tiny lander has not been heard from since it was ejected from a European Space Agency orbiter in mid-December.’
      • ‘The access card was ejected from the slot and the door hissed open.’
      • ‘This ejects the spent cartridges, permitting new rounds to be inserted.’
      • ‘The missile is ejected from the submarine by high-pressure gas.’
      • ‘The voice recorder's internal components were ejected from the container when the plane crashed, Tsolakis said.’
      • ‘He ejected the spent clip in the gun and replaced it with a new one.’
      • ‘The air- and spring-launch parachutes are ejected from their bags using a spring coil or an air cylinder attached to a plunger.’
      • ‘After a few outings the firearm began to fail to eject the spent casing from the chamber.’
      • ‘To load the next round manually your thumb sends the slide forward ejecting the spent case.’
      • ‘When installation is complete, the machine will eject the CD.’
      • ‘There is a disk in the CD drive, and it will not let me eject it.’
      • ‘But, when the clips are not used, the ejector will not extract and eject the spent casings, so clips are almost mandatory in this or any revolver that uses rimless cartridges.’
      • ‘The DVD is then ejected from a dispensing podium into your fingertips!’
      • ‘For example, many popular actions use spring-loaded plunger ejectors in the bolt face to eject spent cases.’
      • ‘They would either use the extinguisher as they felt necessary or if they were in the process of testing it they would wish to see powder being ejected from the extinguisher…’
      • ‘Bullet shell casings are ejected from the weapon of the shooter; they are not found near the target of the gunman.’
      • ‘The estimated £50m mission was carried to Mars by the European Space Agency craft Mars Express, but nothing was heard from the probe after it was ejected from its mother ship.’
      • ‘When the latch was opened and the barrel allowed to tip forward, cartridges were automatically ejected from the cylinder.’
      • ‘For one thing, the button for the CD-ROM door is only good for ejecting the drive tray.’
    2. 1.2no object (of a pilot) escape from an aircraft by being explosively propelled out of it.
      ‘he flew to open sea, put the plane in a nosedive, and ejected’
      • ‘Two pilots ejected to safety and were only slightly injured when they landed.’
      • ‘Witnesses described a loud bang, the pilot ejecting then the plane veering upwards into the sky, then crashing straight down.’
      • ‘Population density was also growing and both pilots were increasingly concerned about where to eject from the aircraft to minimize any injury or damage on the ground.’
      • ‘The pilot had ejected safely from the aircraft and was recovered before she got there to provide air cover.’
      • ‘The remaining pilots ejected from their planes.’
      • ‘There was a loud bang, and the canopy hit me in the face as the pilot ejected.’
      • ‘The pilot of that fighter ejected before the crash.’
      • ‘It flew into another funnel and was thrown through the air before the pilot finally ejected and the fighter fell to the ground.’
      • ‘The good news is the pilot safely ejected and will be around to be in all the holiday festivities.’
      • ‘The pilot ejected safely from the aircraft and was recovered by coalition ground forces near the airport.’
      • ‘The cosmonaut ejected 4,000 meters above the ground and floated to Earth on a parachute.’
      • ‘The plane apparently developed engine trouble shortly after take-off and the pilot and co-pilot ejected safely from the plane.’
      • ‘The pilot ejected safely, he was unharmed and it was the first crash of a preproduction version of that aircraft.’
      • ‘Aircraft becomes uncontrollable, and the pilot ejects, resulting in Class-A mishap.’
      • ‘Thankfully both the pilot and the navigator ejected safely.’
      • ‘The pilot apparently ejected just forward of the bow and below flight-deck level at approximately 85 degrees angle-of-bank.’
      • ‘Somehow the pilot managed to wrestle the aircraft level and eject, rocketing away on a plume of fire.’
      • ‘And there are reports that indicate that the Chinese pilot was able to eject, but we have seen no trace of him so far.’
      • ‘In two similar incidents, both pilots had to eject because of aircraft damage.’
      • ‘The pilot ejected and there were no casualties, but the plane exploded after crashing and there is a huge crater in the ground about 60 feet deep.’
      bail out, escape, leave the aircraft, get out, parachute to safety
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    3. 1.3 Compel (someone) to leave a place.
      ‘angry supporters were forcibly ejected from the court’
      • ‘David was ejected from the venue by a bouncer.’
      • ‘I've never seen anyone actually spat on - apparently that happens when the louts are ejected from the train - but everything bar that.’
      • ‘Mr Jones says he and his wife Maria were ejected from the hall despite being invited to attend by an Alliance member.’
      • ‘Care should not stop for mothers the day they are ejected from a not-so-local hospital.’
      • ‘Last year, a Victorian MP was ejected from parliament for breastfeeding her baby.’
      • ‘Furthermore, at the recent Celtic-Livingston game a female fan who made racist comments was ejected from the Lisbon Lions stand after Celtic fans complained to stewards.’
      • ‘She had been at the concert as well but had arrived late and saw Mr Kennedy for only 10 minutes before he was ejected from the theatre.’
      • ‘The journalist who wrote the story was ejected from a subsequent press conference, joining a lengthy list who were ejected for inappropriate behaviour.’
      • ‘The band were ejected from the studio, their appearance on the programme cancelled.’
      • ‘At around 11.50 pm on January 22, the two couples were ejected from the taxi shortly after they got in because they became abusive.’
      • ‘By and by we were all ejected from the premises, and Hunter couldn't have been happier.’
      • ‘Despite apologising and claiming, ‘I didn't mean anything by it,’ the miscreant was summarily ejected from the premises.’
      • ‘There was no news, the Space Center was a black-out, the press corps waiting for the landing was ejected from the Kennedy Center.’
      • ‘The group were then ejected from the nightclub.’
      • ‘It goes without saying if we are ejected from the site alternative premises would have to be found in the area.’
      • ‘Needless to say we were ejected from the premises eventually but it was to be expected.’
      • ‘‘One of the stewards told me that they were ejected from the racetrack by track management,’ Solis said.’
      • ‘A violent street brawl broke out in Bury town centre when two feuding groups were ejected from a nightclub, magistrates heard.’
      • ‘An earlier inquest was adjourned after hearing that David was ejected from the event by doormen.’
      • ‘He sustained a broken cheek bone after he was forcibly ejected from the establishment.’
      expel, throw out, turn out, put out, cast out, remove, oust
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    4. 1.4 Dismiss (someone), especially from political office.
      ‘he was ejected from office in July’
      • ‘However he was ejected from the seminary at the age of 25, a move which was to have a profound impact on his life.’
      • ‘He was ejected from a history degree at Cambridge.’
      • ‘Furthermore, if the economy continues to falter, it is still possible that the president will be ejected from office in next year's elections.’
      • ‘Should one be surprised by the latest police probe against some of it's own officers for failing to eject an MP from the House last Friday?’
      • ‘All moderating influences were ejected from the organisation or quit of their own accord.’
      • ‘Eleven thousand monks, nuns, and their dependants were ejected from their communities, most with little or no compensation.’
      • ‘Were not those the goals and tactics of the nationalist movements that drove the French out of Algeria and ejected the British from Egypt?’
      • ‘After Haywood was ejected from the game, another series of fights broke out.’
      • ‘As an Anglican with strong royalist sympathies, he was ejected from the living in 1647 but was restored in 1662.’
      • ‘The president was forcibly ejected from his office March 24th, when protesters stormed the presidential building.’
      • ‘The Poles finished with 10 men after one of their players was ejected in the 60th minute.’
      • ‘As well as scrapping the ancient office of Lord Chancellor, the Bill ejects the law lords from the upper chamber and establishes a Judicial Appointments Commission.’
      • ‘The opposition formed a seven-party coalition and ejected the governing party from office for the first time since its formation in 1955.’
      • ‘Or that he was ejected from a decisive playoff game against Oakland in '90?’
      • ‘He was unceremoniously ejected from his slightly altered, safe Ashford ward by the massed vote of sitting borough councillors in favour of a previously unknown candidate.’
      • ‘In Bosnia, more than 20 peacekeepers were ejected from the mission for theft and corruption.’
      • ‘Her decline can be traced long before she was ejected from the education system.’
      dismiss, remove, discharge, oust, expel, deprive of office, get rid of, throw out, turn out, fling out, force out, drive out
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    5. 1.5 Emit; give off.
      ‘plants utilize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that animals eject’
      ‘ejected electrons’
      • ‘The model suggests that the quasars are ejected from active galaxies in a grand creation process and that we are now seeing the creation process of Day 4 of Creation Week.’
      • ‘Plasma farther away was ejected earlier and had time to cool.’
      • ‘The dark gaps in the rings of Saturn have been understood for many years to occur at just those positions in the ring from which any orbiting particles would be ejected by their chaotic motion.’
      • ‘He directed the beam of ‘strange radiation’ at a piece of paraffin and observed that protons were ejected from the paraffin.’
      • ‘Material is ejected in jets that emit radio waves, and the heated gas produces X-ray emission.’
      • ‘The electrons ejected in the direction of the electric field polarization of the laser light pulse are detected.’
      • ‘It ejected some intensely acrid fluid, which burnt my tongue so that I was forced to spit the beetle out.’
      • ‘Beta ‘rays’ are actually electrons ejected from decaying neutrons, and are now more often referred to as Beta emission or Beta particles.’
      • ‘An electron would be ejected because one of these quanta had collided with it and given up all its energy.’
      • ‘In the process, the spidroin protein molecules uncurl to reveal their uncharged hydrophobic segments, simultaneously ejecting some of the solvated water that it has been carrying until this point.’
      • ‘Physicists have used ultrashort pulses of light to control the motion of electrons ejected from molecules and to produce electron beams just a few nanometres in length.’
      • ‘Perhaps even more important is the fact that when using cast bullets, hazardous material may be ejected through the ports.’
      • ‘Last February, they observed several hoops of steam being ejected from the crater known as Bocca Nuova.’
      • ‘Now, of course, I knew that most astronomers think a quasar is a black hole with matter falling into it from an accretion disk, and that for some reason it is ejecting charged particles along its magnetic poles.’
      • ‘As long as the frequency of the light is greater than the work function of the metal, any photon can eject an electron.’
      • ‘In such an explosion, the core of a massive star implodes, sending out shock waves that eject the star's outer layers.’
      • ‘Circularly polarized x rays preferentially eject electrons from atoms magnetically aligned with the polarization axis.’
      • ‘The mass was ejected from the region of the Sun known as AR 798.’
      • ‘When magnetic fields and plasma are ejected from the sun, the ends of the magnetic fields remain attached to the surface.’
      • ‘The massive current from a space storm heats the ionosphere, which dissipates energy by immediately ejecting some of its own oxygen and hydrogen ions into space.’
      emit, spew out, pour out, discharge, give off, give out, send out, belch, vent
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Late Middle English: from Latin eject- ‘thrown out’, from the verb eicere, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + jacere ‘to throw’.