Definition of eightfold in US English:



  • 1Eight times as great or as numerous.

    ‘an eightfold increase in expenditure’
    • ‘You and I know that an eightfold increase is hardly a cut, but that's not how it would play in Washington.’
    • ‘Last year there were 1,200, that's an eightfold increase.’
    • ‘A British epidemiologist cites an eightfold increase in maternal death following elective cesarean section above the death rate associated with normal birth.’
    • ‘In addition, one study reported an eightfold increase in a medication-resistant food-poisoning bacteria after the antibiotic was approved to be used in chickens.’
    • ‘There has been a significant increase in drug related deaths in England and Wales over the last twenty years with an eightfold increase in drug-related deaths between 1980 and 1998.’
    • ‘The comparison of these drivers with drivers who identified themselves as alert or relaxed, which is most relevant to usual driving, resulted in an eightfold increase in risk.’
    • ‘In this configuration, the maximum throughput for the database drives showed an eightfold speed increase over the old hardware.’
    • ‘That figure allowed him to increase the number of users from one to three, but it's still an eightfold increase in his annual payment, which is always required up front.’
    • ‘Users of oral contraceptives had an approximately eightfold increase in the risk of stroke compared with those not using these agents.’
    1. 1.1 Having eight parts or elements.
      ‘an eightfold shape’
      • ‘Gardens, especially those surrounding a mausoleum, are often laid out in an eightfold shape reminiscent of Paradise.’
      • ‘The Buddha sits under the tree of life to achieve nirvana via the eightfold path.’
      • ‘From the cytoplasmic face of the nuclear envelope, nuclear pore complexes exhibit an eightfold symmetric ring structure encompassing a central lumen.’
      • ‘It is an eightfold symmetric ringlike structure consisting of 30-50 different proteins, connecting the inner and outer nuclear membranes.’


  • By eight times; to eight times the number or amount.

    ‘claims have grown eightfold in ten years’
    • ‘For example, when an animal doubles its linear dimensions, its volume increases eightfold.’
    • ‘In his eight years as chief executive the company grew by 40 percent with services and consulting leading the growth, while its stock value increased eightfold.’
    • ‘The death rate from alcoholic liver disease has increased eightfold in the 35-44 age group since the 1970s.’
    • ‘Over the past 10 years, the number of British visas given to Russians has increased eightfold.’
    • ‘‘We have invested significant funds in research and development and sales have increased eightfold since our first round of investment in 2000,’ Beggs said.’
    • ‘Annual funding allocated by the Transport and Communications Ministry for development had increased eightfold.’
    • ‘In Manchester, the use of video evidence in courtrooms has increased eightfold since early last year.’
    • ‘While French domestic exports to Europe tripled, their colonial re-exports increased eightfold.’
    • ‘In the late seventeenth century, the average number of copper coins minted annually was of the order of two to three hundred million; by the early nineteenth century this had increased eightfold.’
    • ‘Launched in 1999 by a team of experienced toy executives, it has established itself as the fastest-growing UK toy company, increasing its turnover eightfold in just four years of trading.’
    • ‘In this group the rates have increased eightfold in men and almost sevenfold in women since the 1970s.’
    • ‘As a result of these and other factors, the number of single-parent families in the United States has increased nearly eightfold since 1950.’
    • ‘During the first half, the operating profit of the Spirits and Wine division outside Europe increased nearly eightfold.’
    • ‘British trade with Turkey increased eightfold between 1830 and 1850.’
    • ‘He is demonstrating the skills to turn this large chunk of humanity into paying customers, boosting the customer count eightfold, from 375,000 when he arrived two years ago.’
    • ‘The proliferation of diagnoses has contributed to a dramatic rise in antidepressant sales, which increased eightfold between 1990 and 2000.’
    • ‘For every 50 percent decrease in the droplet diameter of a set volume of insecticide, the spray surface area is increased eightfold.’
    • ‘Capacity rose eightfold, from 4,000 to 32,000 tons.’
    • ‘Escalating financial demands by the company's mainland partner scotched the deal when the price to maintain the relationship quickly went up eightfold despite earlier agreements.’
    • ‘Last year, an Environmental Science and Research report warned that the number of New Zealanders dying from infectious diseases increased almost eightfold between 1988 and 2000.’