Definition of eggheaded in US English:



  • See egghead

    • ‘So eggheaded am I about much of what I watch, I was rather piqued that I couldn't have both sets of subtitles on the screen at the same time.’
    • ‘Vincent has always styled himself as a sort of eggheaded ideas man.’
    • ‘When asked if he was like a big eggheaded professor on set, Taylor laughs and says, ‘in a nice way, yeah.’’
    • ‘That one experience in the spotlight, answering trigonometry questions in front of hundreds of eggheaded kids in some other schools' gymnasium, gives me untold insight into the pressure of high school competition.’
    • ‘The ensuing flap found commentators across the political spectrum cast in familiar roles: liberals deriding conservatives as dumb, ignorant boors and conservatives deriding liberals as eggheaded, arrogant elitists.’