Definition of effuse in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Give off (a liquid, light, smell, or quality).

    • ‘Another was more understated and had no caretakers but effused solemn peace in and of itself.’
    • ‘The leaves of the three trees glow with a blurred, feathery effect that effuses light across the perfectly black sky.’
    • ‘Each bloom effuses a scent as soft as its appearance.’
    • ‘She effuses sexiness as his love interest in both movies.’
    • ‘Then I meet Suzanne Leff, who effuses kindness.’
    1. 1.1no object Talk in an unrestrained, excited manner.
      ‘this was the type of material that they effused about’
      • ‘Anne, from New Zealand, effuses about Lego: ‘Lego puts parents and kids where they belong.’’
      • ‘They are both effusing about my performance.’
      • ‘‘Everything she talks about when she comes home is super interesting to me,’ he effuses.’
      • ‘‘That was the highlight of the whole experience,’ he effuses.’
      • ‘And the people who usually effuse on these things have never studied economics.’
      • ‘‘I wish I could take her home with me,’ Mom effused again and again.’
      • ‘‘This is the only piece of silverware I've ever won,’ he effused in his acceptance speech.’
      • ‘Approaching the island, the images of huge mist-shrouded crags say it all but Parris feels the need to extemporise and effuse, piling adverb upon adverb into a tower of babbling.’
      • ‘Asked what she likes best about her work, she effuses, ‘I just love being on stage.’’
      • ‘But as a critic is never simply to effuse, I will attempt to bridle my awe at the group's genius for invention and elaboration.…’
      • ‘After visiting Stanford University during my senior year in high school, I effused to my parents about my college choice: ‘They've got these really cool sandstone buildings to climb on between classes!’’
      • ‘Smith effuses about her wonderful experience.’
      • ‘She effuses over their support, which began with touting assistance in 1979.’
      • ‘The study, however, highlights some consistent themes, notably that time and again, procurers effused about the extra qualities provided by the smaller supplier.’
      • ‘‘The crowd response is incredible,’ he effuses.’
      • ‘The latter introduced himself by effusing: ‘I think you're a genius.’’
      • ‘‘I'm very happy with my showing,’ Wood effused.’
      • ‘Oh, I could effuse all day, but must agree that Grant sometimes feels demagoguish to me - but that may say more about me rather than he.’
      • ‘For starters, when the characters sit around effusing about Yelena's beauty, she flits among them in an airy gown and broad-brimmed hat that hides her inclined face.’
      • ‘The stranger extends his hand, ‘Hi, I'm Kevin,’ he effuses, smiling almost too broadly.’
      discharge, release, give off, give out, pour out, send forth, throw out, void, vent, give vent to, issue
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Late Middle English: from Latin effusus, past participle of effundere ‘pour out’, from ex- ‘out’ + fundere ‘pour’.