Definition of eelgrass in English:



  • 1A marine plant with long ribbonlike leaves that grows in coastal waters and brackish inlets.

    • ‘Our current hypothesis is that they swim spontaneously in order to move from one blade of eelgrass, or kelp, to another; either to find more food or to find a potential mate.’
    • ‘Submerged vegetation consisted of dense beds of eelgrass or green algae which occurred on intertidal mudflat habitat.’
    • ‘A big shoal of shrimpfish hung vertically nearby, trying to look like a growth of eelgrass.’
    • ‘During the spring migration (February-April), they are widespread and can be found almost anywhere that eelgrass grows, especially at Dungeness and West Sequim Bay.’
    • ‘Myoxocephalus aenaeus and Pollachius virens (L.) were also most abundant in eelgrass.’
    • ‘Six substrates were considered: kelp, eelgrass, clay, silt, mineralic sand from a temperate environment, and turtlegrass and carbonate sand from a tropical environment.’
    • ‘Closed shellfish beds have been reopened and eelgrass have been potential long-term sources of contaminants, such as acids, solvents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and oxygen-demanding biological wastes.’
    • ‘From where we sat on the rocks at Sant Elmo we could look down and see the green and brown of the eelgrass coating the steep slopes that disappeared into the almost-violet depths.’
    • ‘Boulders gave way to eelgrass over sand in 15m then, at 24m, the eelgrass grew sparse.’
    • ‘Both males and females are normally extremely cryptic because their color, shape, and movements look like eelgrass.’
    • ‘Turtlegrass was obtained from oligotrophic waters near Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas; eelgrass was collected from a eutrophic environment in Monterey Bay, California.’
    • ‘These fish prefer shallow water and are commonly found in bays around eelgrass, oil platforms, pilings of wharfs and piers, and in back waters.’
    • ‘First, the significance of Nauset Marsh as a habitat for juveniles broadens considerably when other habitats, besides eelgrass, are considered.’
    • ‘We finned out into the light of the sandy bottom to the side of the pier for eelgrass, kelp and a much more open feel.’
    • ‘Why had they ended up in a small wilderness of sand amid hundreds of acres of boulders and eelgrass?’
    • ‘Larger systems are made of smaller parts, all the way down to the bits of dead eelgrass and the sand dollar and the specks its indigo bristles push toward the circle of its five tiny jaws.’
  • 2

    another term for tape grass