Definition of educrat in English:



derogatory, informal
  • An education administrator.

    • ‘As she notes in ‘The Language Police,’ the educrats in Albany were just following the rules of their trade.’
    • ‘You would think academia would rise up vigorously in defence of free speech, but, no, the educrats did nothing-instead, he was threatened with job loss and by his own union of all things.’
    • ‘But how fallen and changed is the educrats' version of the concept!’
    • ‘Here's an e-mail I received from a teacher that shows how the act provides irresistible, tax-subsidized incentives for educrats to abandon proven teaching methods for pedagogical fads.’
    • ‘One argument that educrats make against programs like his is that they are elitist and benefit only a select few.’
    • ‘Committees rule the day and every fade, foible and good intention created by educrats has been embraced, including the idea that no child is stupid, all children can succeed, and the teacher creates the discipline problems.’
    • ‘The National Research Council addresses the shortage of science and math teachers in the U.S. with a make-work plan for educrats.’
    • ‘Faux-inclusiveness is not what distinguishes liberals from conservatives; it's what distinguishes practicing politicians and educrats from the rest of America.’
    • ‘He says he was warned by school administrators to steer clear of questionable language and that he would be personally accountable for all content if some educrat found future offense.’
    • ‘The thing to observe, however, is how masterful the educrats are at mounting a noisy, well-masked offensive at the slightest threat to their Soviet-style status quo.’
    • ‘When they absolutely must teach something about the United States, educrats prefer niche history - the experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans.’
    • ‘At present, teachers, administrators, and educrats of various descriptions do not hesitate to let children know that the system does not respect their parents.’
    • ‘If I were to write a parody of something an animal nut / educrat would create, I would have written this document.’
    • ‘He is treated as a troublemaker and a bigot - and now a criminal - for refusing to cede parental control to p.c. public school educrats.’


Blend of education and bureaucrat.