Definition of edging in US English:



  • 1Something forming an edge or border.

    ‘the crocheted edging of the cloth’
    • ‘As its name depicts, these carnations are very showy when planted as part of a mixed flower border or as colorful edgings against evergreen shrubs.’
    • ‘The router is used to cut contours in wood for edgings and moldings or for more complex relief panels and inlay work, dovetails, and mortises.’
    • ‘First-year males look like mature males but with rusty edgings on their black feathers.’
    • ‘They're particularly suitable for small beds, border edgings, even containers.’
    • ‘Small, compact types are excellent edgings along walkways or in narrow beds; they also look good in containers.’
    • ‘It is medium and low-growing hedges and edgings that are underused; they can have enormous value in even the smallest gardens.’
    • ‘It was now time to permanently attach the plastic edging to the case sleeves using an epoxy adhesive.’
    • ‘Mud and oil in considerable quantity is being dragged onto the new road by boats and tractors and the road edgings are rapidly being destroyed.’
    • ‘Go stand in a shoe shop and watch women fight over the final pair of suede boots with the kitten heel and tasseled edgings around the top that have been reduced to sell.’
    • ‘The edging for these borders should be selected carefully, not too high to be obstructive, not too low to be a waste of time and absolutely no sharp edges.’
    • ‘They swooped down and circled around her, wrapping themselves in her curls and playing with the lace edging of her dress.’
    • ‘Miniature roses are surprisingly easy to grow, and they look great as edgings for your beds or borders, accent plants for rock gardens, and as houseplants.’
    • ‘Vanessa said the edgings were banned because all stonework in the cemetery had to be installed by an approved stonemason, which meant it was covered by insurance.’
    • ‘In your garden supply store, you will find many manufactured edgings to suite any style of garden.’
    • ‘Pansies are fabulous for containers, edgings, borders, windowsill pots, or planted in masses of brilliant colors.’
    • ‘It was large - approximately a quarter of an acre section, featuring a large kidney shaped in-ground pool as a center piece - and all the edgings were beautiful floral montages.’
    • ‘They make handsome edgings for flower beds and herb gardens, and are equally at home as rock garden plants, in window boxes, in patio containers, or cascading from strawberry pots.’
    • ‘‘We have a parlor,’ she said imperiously, straightening the lace edgings on the pillow.’
    • ‘The juvenile has bold, black edgings on its wings and the nape of its neck, and a black bill.’
    • ‘She will remember the way she feels (her eyes hurt, from staring at lace edgings all day, and she wants to stretch, to sleep, to get some dinner).’
    edge, border, hem, trimming, frill, flounce, ruffle
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    1. 1.1 The process of providing something with an edge or border.
      • ‘In the United States, Victorian English edging tiles appear to have been used chiefly in Savannah, Georgia.’
      • ‘Critics of edging tiles claimed they were difficult to keep upright and in a straight line and were concerned about their durability.’
      • ‘If you like, an edging trowel will give you a nice bullnose finish on your corners.’
      • ‘Janet chose not to install any edging material: She says the trench was easy to install and serves as a low-maintenance barrier between bed and lawn.’
      • ‘You can rent a gas powered edging tool if shovelling by hand seems like too much work.’
      • ‘But if you have loose soil, consider using landscape timbers or another edging material to hold everything in place.’
      • ‘When I applied to the council to erect a gravestone, I was amazed that we were not allowed to place any edging stones around the grave.’