Definition of edgewise in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • With the edge uppermost or toward the viewer.

    as adverb ‘could be inserted edgewise between the teeth’
    as adjective ‘an edgewise view of our own galaxy’
    • ‘It involves digging and pickax work, as well as delicate handiwork, like carefully splitting open shales edgewise to reveal the fossils that have been trapped between the pages of rocks pasted together.’
    • ‘In cloisonné enamelling cells, or cloisons, are built up on a thin sheet of metal by attaching metal wire or fine strips of metal fixed edgewise.’
    • ‘That made him nervous, and he turned edgeways to keep an eye on him.’
    • ‘To minimise distortion, long cylindrical objects should be quenched vertically, flat sections edgeways and thick sections should enter the bath first.’


  • get a word in edgewise

    • usually with negativeContribute to a conversation with difficulty because the other speaker talks almost without pause.

      ‘I didn't get a word in edgewise for an hour’
      • ‘The thing is, in my mind, to be good at science communication you have to not only be good at speaking but listening too, and he rarely let anyone get a word in edgewise.’
      • ‘You know there are times he would like to get a word in edgewise if he just could.’
      • ‘Right now, though, they're not getting a word in edgeways.’
      • ‘After about an hour or two's earful of this, without being able to get a word in edgewise, we started talking over him.’
      • ‘You couldn't get a word in edgewise with the Brits post-game, and rest assured they raised a little heck later that night in our springing town.’
      • ‘I find him in the entrance hall, trying to get a word in edgeways during a lengthy mobile-phone conversation.’
      • ‘This came as no surprise to me, for it's difficult to get a word in edgeways with the mother.’
      • ‘When I could finally get a word in edgewise, I told her, through clenched teeth, that we had just discussed my age and that I was certainly sufficiently seasoned to live my own life and make my own decisions.’
      • ‘After interviewing their group at the trail head for a few minutes I could not get a word in edgewise as they began to tell me of their crazy antics.’
      • ‘They might have to break this group into two discussion sessions, if I'm to get a word in edgewise.’