Definition of edge someone out in US English:

edge someone out

phrasal verb

  • Remove a person from an organization or role by indirect means.

    ‘she was edged out of the organization by the director’
    • ‘The state party chairman announcing today she won the February five caucuses there, edging out Barack Obama by some 2,000 ballots.’
    • ‘Our television drama, once considered to be the best in the world, has been edged out by trashy entertainment formats.’
    • ‘Hambly was edged out in July 2002 and took the company to court to obtain his pay-off.’
    • ‘The band definitely edges out all other commitments for the next few weeks, as the girls embark on their first big tour.’
    • ‘Of the meat selections, Malaysian pork chop edged out lamb and steak as a favorite.’
    • ‘Ashley was the most popular name for girls, edging out Emily.’
    • ‘Boulianne took the gold, posting a time of 28.68 seconds and edging out Mains by.09 seconds.’
    • ‘He used to be more important, but guys get edged out when the growing pains start.’
    • ‘Court Masterpiece, a nine-length winner at the course earlier in the season, just edged out Jack Sullivan in a tight finish.’
    • ‘Technology may yet edge out attitudes in any attempt to narrow the chasm when it comes to rural and urban needs and wants.’