Definition of economize in English:



  • Spend less; reduce one's expenses.

    ‘I have to economize where I can’
    ‘people on low incomes may try to economize on fuel’
    • ‘To economize, the backyards were left close to their original elevation.’
    • ‘With this sort of ‘sharecropping’ arrangement, stores no longer have strong incentives to economize in video purchase, reducing the queuing for customers.’
    • ‘In order to generate profits, the treadmill relies heavily on energy-intensive, capital-intensive technology, which allows it to economize on labor inputs.’
    • ‘The two new budget carriers can economise on costs by accessing training facilities locally.’
    • ‘The financial sector is economizing on liquid money balances.’
    • ‘Cement is the most expensive component of concrete, so there is often a tendency to economise by reducing the cement to a very small proportion.’
    • ‘They do not fully understand that carrying out the work properly will bring them better and cheaper goods, economize on the use of tax revenue and stop corruption at its roots.’
    • ‘Rising prices get people to voluntarily economize on goods and services rendered scarcer by the disaster.’
    • ‘But economising on expenditure creates tension and conflict.’
    • ‘There is so much waste and mismanagement in government that the best way to balance the books is by economizing, streamlining, and cutting out the waste and spending the money you have more wisely.’
    • ‘The father of two children said that he had to economize after the fuel crisis hit the country, including Bandung city, recently.’
    • ‘He believes the sum required for this could be provided by economising on administrative expenses.’
    • ‘Attempts to shave costs by economizing on energy use reduce pollution.’
    • ‘And even without international travel, the debt rises, despite my best efforts to economize.’
    • ‘The problem comes when trying to economize while buying insurance.’
    • ‘However, the councils, fire and police chiefs claim their budgets involve cutbacks and economising as they battle to keep rises to a minimum.’
    • ‘While travel prices are up in the first three months of 2005, this will not discourage Americans from taking trips, but they will be looking for deals and ways to economize in order to save money without giving up their summer vacations.’
    • ‘If he had it he spent it and if he didn't he economised.’
    • ‘It's a starting point, but if it's all you can earn, then you should expect to economize and reduce your expenses while you look for a way to earn a better income.’
    • ‘It's filled with ways to economize, substituting bread and noodles and cheese for meat, making cakes that don't use expensive butter or eggs, dressing up horrible processed things with tomato sauce or pimientos to make them palatable.’
    cut expenditure, cut costs
    cut back, make cutbacks, make cuts, retrench, husband one's resources, budget, be economical, be more economical, make economies, be thrifty, be sparing, be frugal, buy cheaply, buy more cheaply, use less, decrease wastage, reduce wastage, scrimp, scrimp and save, scrimp and scrape, cut corners, tighten one's belt, draw in one's horns, count the pennies, count your pennies, watch the pennies, watch your pennies
    pinch the pennies, pinch your pennies
    rake and scrape
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