Definition of econometrics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of economics concerned with the use of mathematical methods (especially statistics) in describing economic systems.

    • ‘This is largely true when it comes to statistical analysis, econometrics, and mathematical programming.’
    • ‘The committee's chief concern, however, was how I was going to incorporate econometrics and statistical analysis to prove direct causal effect of finance to the real economy.’
    • ‘These people are not economists with degrees in econometrics; they are not accountants.’
    • ‘A more serious objection, for the business economist practitioner, to the unmodified adoption of time series analysis is that it pushes econometrics away from economics.’
    • ‘Disciplines such as statistics and econometrics are continually developing new techniques of analysis, whilst some techniques are developed within the social sciences themselves.’
    • ‘The discipline now draws upon a range of theories and concepts, which are broader and more sensitive to historical analysis than neo-classical economics and more inclusive than time series econometrics.’
    • ‘Structural equation models were first introduced into genetics, econometrics, and social science.’
    • ‘This summary reveals that the highest concentration of women's research interests is in econometrics and quantitative Economics.’
    • ‘The purpose of the present paper is to investigate the diversity of research strength for Australian universities in the broad discipline areas of economics, econometrics, finance and accounting.’
    • ‘Although a complete system of equations for household production time and labor supply for a married couple can be readily constructed at a theoretical level, the econometrics of estimating such a system are extremely daunting.’
    • ‘The requirement to complete courses in mathematics and econometrics to proceed beyond Principles level has reduced the discipline's appeal to many potential students.’
    • ‘As its technical complexity has increased, knowledge of econometrics and mathematics has become necessary.’
    • ‘In the social sciences, economics and econometrics are the most widespread and highly developed fields.’
    • ‘Labor economics has become virtually a branch of applied econometrics, with the usual large data sets and headless horsemen running around looking for patterns.’
    • ‘Using both economic theory and econometrics he argues that the years after World War II displayed strong evidence of home market effects.’
    • ‘For that matter, mainstream microeconomists or game theorists might be puzzled as well, for our authors aren't really describing economics but rather econometrics.’
    • ‘They recognized that these were not yet perfect, but believed that the shortcomings at that time could be remedied through further development of statistics, econometrics and the use of powerful computers.’
    • ‘The prerequisites for this course were a solid training in mathematics and econometrics and some knowledge of basic time series analysis.’
    • ‘It is important to record that there is no formal hypothesis testing here, no econometrics of any sort, and this methodology is quite incapable of distinguishing causation from association.’
    • ‘This issue has two book reviews, both concerned with econometrics and forecasting.’


1930s: from economy, on the pattern of words such as biometrics.