Definition of ecofeminist in US English:



  • See ecofeminism

    • ‘By claiming to speak for all women, socialist, radical, liberal and ecofeminists effect, in Haraway's view, an ‘unintended erasure of polyvocal, unassimilable, radical difference’.’
    • ‘Economic ecofeminists demand that products from unsustainable conventional fruit farms that use chemical fertilisers and pesticides should be taxed for polluting the environment.’
    • ‘Similarly, ecofeminists such as Salleh argue that complex time concepts are necessary to understanding ecological processes.’
    • ‘I think this particular ecofeminist was saying that we should all be in tune with the sacred cycles of life.’
    • ‘Another notion common among ecofeminists is that thousands of years ago our species lived in benevolent societies that worshiped female deities, venerated female qualities, and were closely in tune with the natural world.’