Definition of ecofeminism in US English:



  • A philosophical and political movement that combines ecological concerns with feminist ones, regarding both as resulting from male domination of society.

    • ‘Can ecocriticism be regrounded in ecofeminism or postcolonial studies to meet racial and ethnic inequalities?’
    • ‘Still, this means that any college that studies/explores gender as a legitimate cultural ‘object’ of study - which most EEO institutions do - as it can legitimately study ecofeminism, all schools of it.’
    • ‘Both standpoint feminism and ecofeminism lead us to conclude the opposite.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting papers used ecofeminism and vegetarianism to consider the treatment of animals in two novels from the United States and Mexico, both of which represented indigenous lifestyles.’
    • ‘Political ecofeminism uses methods and approaches based on the idea that institutions like a state, which represent a convergence of different interests sharing power provide to a certain extent for the needs of the community.’