Definition of ecocentrism in US English:



  • A point of view that recognizes the ecosphere, rather than the biosphere, as central in importance, and attempts to redress the imbalance created by anthropocentrism.

    • ‘More subtly, because the production of nature approach is anthropomorphic it also enables a position from which the fate of nature can be considered seriously without declining into a naturalistic ecocentrism.’
    • ‘At about the summer solstice of 1999, Leo Marx ignited a controversy still running in ecocritical circles by attacking ecocentrism.’
    • ‘Ecocentrism is either partly or emphatically non-anthropocentric.’
    • ‘What is, however, worth emphasising is that at one level the differences between technocentrism and ecocentrism are more apparent than real.’
    • ‘It thus promises to take us beyond the Nature-Society dualism organising both previous Marxian work on nature and versions of bourgeois technocentrism and radical ecocentrism.’